It looks so beautiful

What do you think?

We have two more weeks before the frost

and flowers have to be removed

New Podium, Tables, Sound System

and Cooler for our Ceremonies

Thanks for the ideas John Gouch

Gethsemane Cemetery, Charlotte, North Carolina

Pumpkin Display is Ready

Bring Your Children to Take Photos

Pumpkins Came From

The Bean Farm, Westwood

ICCFA University Atlanta, Georgia

Alan Got to visit with his mentors

Gino and Gary O

and attended a memorial service for

his friend and Mentor, Todd Van Beck

ICCFA University Atlanta, Georgia

Rob Espinoza, The Gardens Assistant Manager, attended intense training at the only Cemetery Management training school in the country

Tokyo, Japan

Cemetery and Funeral Conference

Studying the Culture and Traditions

Cemeteries of Japan

Chidorigafuchi National Cemetery

Has a Nice Water Mist Feature to

Cool Down People Visiting Loved Ones

And we thought we were an Urban Cemetery.

Metropolitan area of Tokyo...Over 37 Million People

New York and LA combined... Around 33 Million People

If you don't take care of your family lot, nobody else will.

View from the hotel and

Some Beautiful Sight Seeing

Bullet Train to Hiroshima,

Goes 200 mph

Took a Few Days Climbing Mount Fuji. 12,389 ft in Elevation

Witnessing the Sunrise from the Summit

Was Nice to Come back

and Find Some figs

Edvin and Kelvin Participated in Backpacks for Students in Need.

Hosted by Boston Police Department

New Foundation for Pond View

Billy and Joel

Installing Flush Memorials

in The Garden of Forgiveness

West Garden has a Natural Stone Wall with Pear Trees, Newly Added Patio and Benches for Quiet Reflection

Greek Festivals

Experiencing the Customs and Traditions

The Annunciation Cathedral

Greek Festival at

St John The Baptist

Educational Seminar for Muslim Children to Kick Off the School Year

Kiwanis Luncheon

Hosted by The Gardens

Ummu Ernie Abdalah

First Memorial Run

Benefiting The Fisher House

MCA (Massachusetts Cemetery Association)

Fall Field Day

at The German American Club, Walpole

The Gardens Staff is ready to help keep the parking organized

Walk up the Hill on the road leading to The Gardens and Smell Grape Vines

Anthony from MetroWest

Water Gardens Brought Over

Some Monster Koi for our Pond

Eric From Cemetery 360

Taking 360° Views

Everywhere in Cemetery

He Can't Take Pictures at Night,

So We Go Out and Eat

Had a Good Time With

Basim, Nabil and Michael at

The Annual AABA Golf Tournament

at Brookmeadow Country Club

as a Participant and a Sponsor.

In Memory of Olivia A. Waishek

Sponsored Another Golf Tournament

at Indian Ridge Country Club

The Net Proceeds to Benefit

Metropolis of Boston Camp

St. Methodios Faith & Heritage Center

CANA (Cremation Association of North America)

And the ICCFA

International Cemetery Cremation and Funeral Association

Certificates of Membership

Recognition From ICCFA

City Counsel President Ed Flynn,

Councilor Erin Murphy and members of the VFW Boston Police Post 1018, American Legion Chinatown,

Boston Veterans Association and

Alan J MacKinnon CCE met this morning for

a Veterans Town Hall Meeting where

we discussed issues impacting veterans and military families.

Pasquale DiCicco Stopped By for a

Visit and Found Some More Figs

Lunch with Jeff The Scan Man

We Work With Jeff to Scan All

Cemetery Documents to Make

Digital and Available Online

Pastor Reuning

and his lovely daughter Joy

came for a visit

Thank you Lola Tom and

Christopher Goulet

from Hamel-Lydon Chapel and Cremation Society for the MoonCakes

Nature - Love Animals

Cleaning up the cucumbers from our garden

The Gardens Mission is

To honor the customs and traditions of our families and recognize these as an important part of the healing process,

to provide exceptional service, and to respect each individual resting place with immaculate care.

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