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2016 Annual Report
Interfaith Hospitality Network of Athens had a very successful year and we are grateful for the tremendous support provided by our congregations, our volunteers, our donors, and most importantly YOU!
The Mission of IHN Athens is to mobilize our community to help homeless families in crisis situations achieve sustainable independence.
We want to share two stories that demonstrate how we are achieving our mission:
1) Immediately after entering our shelter program, this single mom hit-the-ground-running.   With determination and tenacity, she was able, in less than two months, to secure full-time employment and locate stable housing for her family.  To support mom in her goals, IHNA provided her four children with summer day camp, and provided mom with referrals for career centers, budget counseling sessions, health care, and rent assistance programs.   According to mom's last report, all the children are doing well in school and she is continuing with her job.  In addition, mom is keeping to her budget, saving up money for a car, and plans on renewing her apartment lease because the kids love their neighborhood playground!

2) When pneumonia kept dad out of work for several weeks, the factory where he was employed full time let him go.  Without dad's income, this family of four was struggling to pay their rent and bills which led to an eviction.  In our shelter program, the family worked really hard to meet their employment and housing goals, and they were successful indeed.   
In fact, upon exiting IHNA, dad was working full-time at a warehouse job with better pay and benefits than his previous job, and mom got a customer service job at the mall.  IHNA recommended the family to a temporary rent assistance program.  Now, the family, in a few short months, will be able to pay their rent, keep up with their utility bills, and add some money to their hard-earned savings.   

Once families graduate from our program they are invited to participate in our Extended Network Program. This program provides follow up to families who graduate from IHNA and make sure that they continue to thrive. Here are a few stories from those we served in 2016:
  • Crystal has been living independently for 6 months since exiting IHNA. She reported that she and her daughter have remained at the same address since their departure. Crystal reported that she is also working on starting classes at Athens Tech and that her daughter is growing fast and doing great!
  • Missy has been living independently for 9 months since leaving IHNA. She reported that she and her children are at the same address since their departure from our shelter. She has since obtained a new job and reports that her children are doing very well.
  • Justin and Sherica have moved to Florida and secured employment. They also reported they have obtained childcare assistance and their children are doing "Awesome"!
  • Stephen, who has been living independently for 3 months since his departure form IHNA, reports that he is still working for telemarketing company in Athens and has received several promotions. Stephen also reported that he and his three children have stable housing and are doing well!         
 The stories that come out of IHNA are great and here are the numbers behind the stories:

People served in the Network - 44 individuals, 29 children, 15 adults, 13 families
Average stay - 43.38 days
Graduation rate with Housing and Employment:
  • Families as of 1/1/17 that are in stable housing: 10 out of 13, 76% (Two of three families live with relatives which is not considered stable housing)
  • Heads of household that left program with employment: 12 out of 13, 92.3%; Total parents that left program with employment: 13 out of 15, 86.6%

Total individual beds provided - 1,224
Number of meals served - 4,462
Bus passes distributed - 1,518
Extended Network Program - 37 individuals,
24 children, 13 adults, 11 families
Partnership with other agencies (Click Here)
Number of Volunteers - 724
Number of Volunteer hours - 6,290.3Dollar value of volunteer hours - $108,141 ($17.19
per hour)
Brief Financial Report

Total Revenue - $202,036.80
Grants - $78,500
Congregations - $28,664.71
Individuals - $40,360.54
Fundraising events - $54,511.55
Includes La Table, Over the Edge, Teardrop Bike Ride, Whole-in-One Golf Tournament

Total Expenses - $182,524.23
Childcare - $15,240.50
Direct guest expenses - $14,021.10
Salaries - $99,201.24
Fundraising expenses - $18,827.53
Administrative expenses - $17,989.72
Rent - $10,847
Insurance - $6,397.14
New Initiative
In the fall of 2016, IHNA helped form the Greater Athens Area Interfaith Clergy Partnership.  Our hope is that our Athens community will be strengthened from a wide range of religious leaders knowing each other, building trust with one other and pursuing initiatives together for the betterment of our area.  
Congregational Network (New congregations for 2017 highlighted in red)
Host Congregations
Central Presbyterian Church
Covenant Presbyterian Church
Emmanuel Episcopal Church
First Baptist Church of Athens
First Presbyterian Church of Athens
First United Methodist Church of Athens
Holy Cross Lutheran Church
Milledge Avenue Baptist Church
Oconee St. UMC
St. Joseph Catholic Church
Tuckston UMC
Watkinsville First United Methodist Church
Support Congregations
Al Huda Islamic Center
Ashford Memorial Methodist Church
Athens Church
Athens Religious Society of Friends
The Catholic Center at UGA
Chestnut Grove Baptist Church
Christus Victor Lutheran Church
Congregation Children of Israel
East Friendship Baptist Church
First Christian Church of Athens
Oconee Presbyterian Church
Princeton United Methodist Church
St. Gregory the Great Episcopal Church
Trinity Lutheran Church
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Athens
Young Harris United Methodist Church

2017 Board  
Deryl Bailey, Duane Bernt, Richard Carswell, Christopher Cole, Rachele Gibson, Justin Ingles, Gary Kilgos, Linda Lacy, Alex McQueen, Don Nelson, Bemene Piaro, Michael Ripps, Harry Shuford, Courtney Tobin

Board members who rolled off in 2016:  Holley Schramski, Tad MacMillian, Tom Rodgers, and Wanda Culpepper
Executive Director, Davin Welter (started 2/16)
Assistant Director, Stacy Pardue  (started 7/16)
Service Director, Regina Roth-Goldman
Office Assistant, Elizabeth Morris
Interns - Hannah Mapes, Sarah Beth Tankersley, Melanie Norton, Jill Fox, and Dray Criswell

Please let us know if you have any questions about this report. We are happy to provide further information.
Interfaith Hospitality Network of Athens, GA
393-1 West Hancock Ave

Davin Welter, Executive Director - director@ihnathens.org

Stacy Pardue, Assistant Director - assist.ihnathens@gmail.com

Regina Roth-Goldman, Service Director -

Email: director@ihnathens.org
Phone: 706-425-1881
Website: www.ihnathens.org

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