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Power Up Your Team with a New Leadership Development Solution
We know your future company leaders crave opportunities for professional development, and that executive coaching can be expensive, especially in an attempt to provide for all levels in an organization.

What if your whole team had access to a coach?

Traditionally, coaching services do not scale across large teams, are usually only accessible to C-Suite and upper-level management, and tracking progress and growth is hard to measure. But with PowerAmp™ Coaching not anymore!

With PowerAmp Coaching, organizations can:
  • Unearth hidden talent
  • Provide an individually customized coaching experience
  • Track progress and gain insight into your team through AI technology
  • Uncover a deep understanding of each team members’ risk value, progress, mindset, sentiment
  • Continue to provide a confidential one-to-one coaching experience
  • Reduce risk on your coaching investment
PowerAmp coaching solves these issues by combining high touch and high-tech coaching powered by new technology developed by CPI Partners and LeaderAmp. This AI technology, paired with one-to-one coaching, allows organizations to unearth the most coachable employees, provide leadership development opportunities to more team members, and effectively track progress and growth.

  • Before PowerAmp: Organization A struggled to scale leadership development for more than 50 high performing mid-level managers.
  • After PowerAmp: Organization A screened and developed the leadership skills of more than 50 employees and identified those most likely for growth to senior level.
So how does it work?

Step 1: Calibration & Assessment – each participant will vary in how they evaluate criteria. PowerAmp first measures this and calibrates accordingly to mitigate bias, creating a truly unique experience for each individual. Then users take a scientific self-assessment that unearths strengths, weaknesses, growth mindset, confidence, and additional characteristics like optimism, time-management skills and more.

Step 2: Goal Selection and Schedule – each participant will then work with their coach to develop goals based on their assessment results and set a schedule supported by the AI technology with reminders and suggestions.

Step 3: Leadership Growth – participants continue the program with a mix of AI Coaching and Live coaching to achieve selected goals, nurturing the participant's professional development.

To learn more about how PowerAmp Coaching can revolutionize your emerging leaders' development, high potentials and employee resource groups, schedule a complimentary consultation with Barbara A.F. Greene today!
Packing for Your Leadership Journey
Join us on Wednesday, January 20, at 9 a.m. for our complimentary workshop, Pack for the Journey. Guest speaker Dione Bedell, Director of Student Success and adjunct instructor at the University of the Incarnate Word, will lead a discussion on how packing the right tools can help us reach our destinations in life and work. These essentials will help us achieve the highest level of awareness, fulfillment and impact. We will look at how the many decisions we make along the way either propel us forward or keep us stagnant.

This complimentary workshop will honor nonprofit, The Lemonade Circle. To learn more about their mission, click here.
2021 Challenge: To Connect & Inspire
This year marks our 25th year of serving the San Antonio community, and to celebrate, we developed a theme for the year – Connect. Inspire.

More than two decades have taught our founder Barbara A.F. Greene many things, and she knows that Inspiration from colleagues and mentors and the importance of paying it forward by connecting and inspiring others is what has allowed her to reach this milestone.

We want to hear about how you connect and inspire those around you. Share those moments with us on social media using the hashtag #GreeneInspire25.

How do you plan to connect and inspire in 2021?
Who We Are
Greene and Associates, Inc./CPI, founded by Barbara A. F. Greene more than 20 years ago, is an equity partner with Career Partners International. Organizations partner with the diverse team of professionals to provide an array of services. 

Customization of services is a hallmark of the Greene and Associates, Inc./ CPI team. Their experienced professionals provide programs that span the life and career cycle to include Executive Coaching, Presentation Coaching and On-Boarding, Career Transition and Career Development and Management, Leadership Development, Corporate Mentoring, Retreat Consultation, Design and Facilitation, Retirement Readiness plus other human capital initiatives. Our goal is to support organizations’ strategic business vision as they value their employees across their enterprise. Companies can contact Greene and Associates, Inc./CPI Firm when they want to take care of their entire workforce in San Antonio, as well as across the globe. For more information visit or call 210-366-8768.
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