Dearest friends and family of HCA,

If you are like me, you like to celebrate. My favorite time to rejoice in God’s many blessings is when I am around friends and family, and everyone is close to home. That’s why I am so excited to celebrate 25 years of HCA:
  • a facility that is always filled with dynamic young people bursting with energy and creativity;
  • a school stocked with a dedicated and caring faculty, teaching with a focus on a Biblical worldview;
  • a home to fantastic event days, like The Chicago World’s Fair, Africa Day, or even the Greek Olympics;
  • an academy where students follow the travels of Jesus in the classroom, and the path of pilgrims can be traced by their feet;
  • a place where children are safe, wanted, and loved!
God is pleased when we take time to remember his good works toward us.
On June 1, 2019 HCA will be hosting a 25 th Birthday Party ! As we celebrate
this huge anniversary for the school, it is important to recognize that it is God’s works at the school that we are talking about. To make sure we keep that focus, there will be no major spring fundraising event which might split our attention.

Even as we reflect on the many joys received through HCA, there are still many opportunities to share your own blessings. There is no shortage of exciting and enriching programs that still need to be funded, to round out the unique education provided for all students. As many as 38% of families attending the school still require financial assistance. While there are no 5K or banquet events scheduled for this spring , we can all still show financial support through this annual fundraising appeal.