Q1 | March 2021
Emergency Response Assistance Canada
Celebrating 35 Years
ERAC Q1 2021 Newsletter
President's Message

March 2021 marks a milestone: ERAC’s 35th anniversary of operations. It is a great privilege and humbling to work with all the people involved with ERAC – staff, responders, members and regulatory agents. Assisting our communities, first responders, and Plan Participants in being safe is always top of mind. With a focus on planning and executing our services, ERAC hopes to continue to bring value in the emergency management field. We could not do it without the support of our Plan Participant members and Board of Directors.

In fact, March 13 is also the anniversary of our staff working from home due to the pandemic. And what a year it’s been. We’re looking forward to getting back to our new office space when public health orders and safety allow; in the meantime, I’m proud of ERAC’s staff members for continuing to provide, and improve, our services without interruption to Plan Participant members.


Retiring Responders

We thank James (Jim) Thompson, team member in Barrie for a decade. Jim’s self-depreciating sense of humour and timely remarks are often noticed more than his knowledge and skills in emergency response; all credit goes to the team, never to him alone. He is always first to step forward and help teammates with work and, when stress levels go up, Jim can bring them back down without losing focus on the task at hand. Good luck in retirement!

New Team

We welcome Nucor Environmental Solutions Ltd. on Vancouver Island as an LPG team in ERAC’s resource network. This team will be primarily for assessment and stabilization, with vapour and liquid flaring capabilities, and equipment provided by ERAC. The team’s regional training and assessment is scheduled in March; after passing the assessment the team will be added to the call-out list.
Applications Now Open for 2021 Leo Sichewski Memorial Bursary

Are you, or one of your family members, enrolled in an educational program in safety, emergency management or first responders training? If so, you may be eligible to apply for ERAC’s
Leo Sichewski Memorial Bursary.

The bursary is in memory of Leo Sichewski, a 24-year veteran with ERAC. Leo trained, coached and mentored many responders over the years, and was well known for his patience, understanding and commitment to lifelong learning.

To obtain more information on the bursary and application process, please refer to our website. Applications due by April 30, 2021.
Changes to ERAC’s Response Network and ERAP Updates

Earlier this year, Plan Participant member primary contacts received emails from both ERAC and Transport Canada regarding changes to ERAC’s response network.

As a result of response network changes, Transport Canada has mandated that your ERAP(s) in their ERAP Online Services (EOS) system be updated within 60 days, including an updated Appendix D from the ERAC Dangerous Goods Plan Participation Agreement.

Update on Revised E2 Technical Guidelines Released in Dec. 2020

An important part of preparation and response in emergency response planning is regulatory compliance. In December 2020, Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) published an update to the Technical Guidelines for the Environmental Emergency Regulations 2019, Version 2.0.

What hasn’t changed? The Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 and Environmental Emergency Regulations, 2019 (SOR2019-51) remain the regulations you must follow.

Training & Events

We've scheduled regional training and assessment events with most of our response teams for 2021 - our Operations team is looking forward to getting back out in the field.

Our next virtual ICS Canada-approved, instructor-led ICS 200 session will be May 18 & 19. Our last session in February filled up so be sure to secure your spot early!

In the Spotlight: Drain-All

Drain-All Ltd. is one of ERAC’s LPG and flammable liquid response teams, operating out of Ottawa and Napanee, ON.

Founded in 1984, Drain-All has been working with ERAC, and previously LPGERC, for almost a decade. Drain-All has responded to numerous ERAP implementations over the past years.

Fill Out Our Rail Fittings Survey

To best provide service to our flammable liquids and LPG Plan Participant members, ERAC’s operations team is trying to determine the prevalence and type of unique rail fittings currently in use.

To assist us, we ask that you, or the person in your organization best suited to this task, to please fill out a short survey on rail fittings.

Questions or feedback can be directed to Lee Nelson, Operations Manager, 250-318-5708.
LPG Firefighting Awareness Training – Revitalized, Online, Free

These days, training can be a struggle for fire departments. Public health orders are constantly changing. And who has the budget for it?

Earlier this year, ERAC launched our revitalized, interactive LPG Firefighting Awareness training – in English and French – online and free to all first responders.

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