TASC Congratulates the 84th Anniversary of
Turkish Women’s Right to Vote,
Commends the Empowerment of Turkish Women
Eighty-Four years ago today, and thanks to the reforms of President Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, Turkish women won the right to vote in national elections. Turkish women had already gained the right to vote in municipal elections in 1930. Other notable countries in women’s suffrage include New Zealand 1893, Australia 1902, Finland 1906, Norway 1913, Denmark 1915, Holland 1917, Azerbaijan 1918, Austria 1919, Germany 1919, Sweden 1919, United States 1920, United Kingdom 1928, Spain 1931, France 1944, Italy 1946, Japan 1946, India 1947, Israel 1948, Greece 1952, Belgium 1948, Egypt 1956, Tunisia 1957, and Switzerland 1971.
A right that is fought for is more valuable than a right that is given, and for this reason women globally must be vigilant in gaining and protecting their rights. Women’s empowerment must be a deliberate policy in all aspects of life.

In this particular celebration of Turkish women’s suffrage, TASC commends Turkish women in sports.
Turkish Women’s Volleyball Ranks 10th in the World
The Turkish National Women’s Volleyball Team finished the 2018 World Championships in Japan to rank 10th in the world! The World Championship finalists ranked as follows: Serbia 1st, Italy 2nd, China 3rd, Netherlands 4th, USA 5th, Japan, 6th. Brazil 7th, Russia 8th, Dominican Republic 9th, Turkey 10th, followed by Germany, Bulgaria, Thailand, Puerto Rico, Azerbaijan, Mexico, Korea, Canada, Argentina, Kenya, Cameroon, Cuba, Trinidad & Tobago, and Kazakhstan.
Turkish Women’s Basketball Ranks World 10th
The Turkish National Women’s Basketball Team finished the 2018 World Championships in Spain to rank 10th in the world! The World Championship finalists ranked as follows: USA 1st, Australia 2nd, Spain 3rd, Belgium 4th, France 5th, China, 6th. Canada 7th, Nigeria 8th, Japan 9th, Turkey 10th, followed by Greece, Senegal, Latvia, Korea, Argentina, and Puerto Rico.
Turkish Women’s U-19 Volleyball Finish Fourth in Europe
The Turkish Women’s U-19 Volleyball Team finished fourth in the 2018 European Championships in Spain after losing 2-3 in a nail biter bronze medal match against Poland. Italy beat Russia 3-2 for the gold medal. The young Turkish squad ranked fourth among 36 European teams, followed by 5th Serbia, 6th Germany, 7th Netherlands, 8th Belarus, 9th Bulgaria, 10th Slovakia, 11th France, and 12th Albania.
Turkish Women’s U-19 Soccer Qualifies for UEFA 2019 Elite Round
The Turkish Women’s U19 National Soccer routed South Cyprus 3-1, Azerbaijan 2-0, Ireland 2-0, and drew 1-1 with Austria, to qualify for the Elite Round of the 2019 European Championship finals that will be held in Scotland.