Volunteers Making A Difference for Formerly Homeless Children Served by MCCH
Volunteers have always been a source of strength for MCCH and the 1,600 men, women and children we serve each year. Nearly two years ago, a group of dedicated volunteers collaborated with the staff at MCCH's Seneca Heights Apartments (SHA) to increase support for SHA's residents, all of whom experienced homelessness prior to moving into this permanent supportive housing community.

The staff recognized the need for homework help and general academic tutoring for more than 30 children living at SHA with their families. The Seneca Heights Education Program (SHEP) came to life with the help of dedicated volunteers, who help students master their schoolwork, develop a love of learning, and increase self-confidence. One of our amazing volunteers even designed a secure website where tutors can track students' progress and share information to ensure that children can be effectively supported by all SHEP volunteer tutors. SHEP volunteers also regularly communicate with parents and teachers to ensure the children's success. 

In the 2018-2019 academic year, SHEP volunteers provided 13 students with 500 hours of academic support! Thanks to our amazing volunteers for ensuring the children at SHA have brighter futures.
Restoring Dignity through Giving
We want to share a powerful story about the difference you can make in the lives of our clients.

In addition to experiencing the trauma of homelessness, Nina recently lost her hair after being diagnosed with Lupus. MCCH is restoring Nina’s dignity by supporting her in our permanent housing program, but her caring case manager noticed Nina’s wigs were falling apart. Through the generosity of a local congregation, MCCH gave Nina a gift card to purchase a new wig.

Read our case manager’s message of gratitude to learn how one act of kindness can have a powerful impact:

"When I told [Nina] about the gift, she cried. They were tears of joy that were also partially mixed with tears of shame. She carries a lot of guilt for being “needy” and not able to do for herself. I emphasized to her how happy she makes people feel by allowing them to help. I also reminded her that she too gives to others as she has cooked meals for another one of our clients who lives in her building. Ultimately, she was able to accept the gift and off we went to the wig shop."

Quick Ways to Help MCCH Clients Today
Excited to help people experiencing homelessness? Here's a few ways you can support MCCH and our clients today:

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Thank you for your commitment to ensuring that all Montgomery County residents have a safe, stable and affordable place to call home!


Susie Sinclair-Smith
Executive Director, Montgomery County Coalition for the Homeless
President, Coalition Homes
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