Mansour Ansari, ISB Speaker of the Year in 2011, was born in 1949 in Worcester, Massachusetts. He is the the grandson of Lebanese Christian Orthodox immigrants who arrived in USA in 1890. A graduate of Worcester Academy and Syracuse (NY) University, he received a Bachelors in Science in Magazine Journalism and a Bachelors of Arts in English Literature. He converted to Islam in 1974. He has been in the business of Persian and Oriental rugs for the past 43 years. He is an active traveler and is passionate about Islamic journalism projects. He is married and has two daughters and five grandchildren.

1) What is your favorite part of the ISB?
Knowing that most Americans do not know and have not talked to a Muslim, the ISB succeeds in putting a face to the issue. As more Americans see their fellow American Muslim citizens in spaces like work spaces and recreational areas, life in our country will become more cosmopolitan and tolerant.

2. What is your favorite ISB presentation?
Roots of Islam in America followed closely by American Muslim Beliefs and Practices.

3 . How do you spend your weekends?
Family time, going out to restaurants with family and friends, catching up on sleep. Since I am in the gym most weekdays, sleeping in makes it "easy like Sunday morning".

4) Where would you like to travel?
My last three passports covering over 30 years of my life have had to be sent to the State Department so that they could sew in more pages because there was no more room for visas. So my travel has been quite extensive over the decades. Everywhere I've wanted to travel, I can say I've been there. Instead of waiting for my 'golden years' to finally travel and see the world, because of my business in fine Persian and Oriental rugs, I did my traveling during my younger years. This has been such a blessing to me and my family.