During the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11, RUSH Looks Back on its History with NASA and KSC
Another Notable Flight: Ed Rabel's Arrival to America from Cuba in 1962
​This month, along with the anniversary of Apollo 11, RUSH Construction is reflecting on a pivotal moment in the company's origin story: The emigration of RUSH Founder Eduardo Rabel from Cuba to the United States 57 years ago! Ed's story helps affirm that the "American Dream", a concept as wondrous and improbable as a Moon landing seemed at first, is both attainable and worthy of celebration. Happy 57th Anniversary, Ed!
RUSH was proud to support the Apollo 11K Race this month
​RUSH Construction ​served as a benefactor for the Apollo 11K Race ​celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 launch!​ RUSH employee Jamisyn Unrue (pictured) and her family participated in the race. The race began on Vectorspace ​B​lvd near the original astronaut hall of fame and merged onto the NASA Causeway. The award ceremony took place in RUSH Construction's field.