All our wisdom is stored in the trees.

- Santosh Kalwar

Celebrate Arbor Day and Plant a Tree!


In honor of Arbor Day, Mitch Pyles, our tree and shrub buyer extraordinaire, has picked out his top 3 trees:


Golden Raindrops crabapple makes a great lawn and street tree, and with its mature height of only 20', it's a fine choice for planting below power lines. Because of its tolerance of different soil conditions, it also works well in city locations.


The October Glory maple tree’s striking orange and red leaves start to show in early October and will last for several weeks. The fantastic foliage is likely to outlast other deciduous trees by a noticeable length of time. The warm, bold colors will give your garden or outside spaces a truly exquisite sense of beauty. Your backyard will be the envy of the neighbors. 

images _36_.jpg

This fast growing tree will provide shade within a few years. Up to 2 feet of growth per year! Red Sunset maple trees have a nice pyramidal form and over time they start to round on the top. The leaves turn orange-red in the fall and make this maple one of the best trees for fall color.

Monrovia California plants are HERE!!

A sneak peak at some of the beauties that came our way.

download _17_.jpg

From top to bottom, left to right

Fern 'Regal Red'

Crape Myrtle 'Zuni'

Star Jasmine

Lonicera 'Mandarin'

Punica 'Wonderful'

Dwarf Miscanthus 'Yakushima'

Hydrangea 'Blue Enchantress'

Bougainvillea 'Orange King'

download _18_.jpg

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Oh, the sweet intoxicating smell of daphne.

It's a fragrance that compels one to draw in closer and closer.

Romans linked their gods to plants and flowers. When Apollo pursued Daphne, her father saved her by turning her into a laurel tree. Apollo in his grief declares, “With your leaves, my victors shall wreath their brows.” Daphne is the symbol for immortality, while the laurel symbolizes victory.

eternal fragrance.png
eternal fragrance.png

Daphne odora on the left, was featured in our 2022 Flourish magazine. It's a shade loving daphne. The two pictured above are sun loving.

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Join us for this class,

taught by our tree & shrub buyer Mitch Pyles.

He will discuss the following points:

  • Why do we want to use our landscapes for edibles?
  • How can you incorporate edibles into your landscape?
  • Varieties of plants that are suitable for an edible landscape.
  • Utilizing smaller spaces for food production and self-reliance.
  • Dual purpose planting (food and aesthetics). 

Sign-up is suggested but not required and is FREE to attend.

When: Sunday, May 1st

Time: 1:00pm



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Fanta is pooped after such an amazing Open House weekend. She and all the staff want to thank our loyal customers for coming out and celebrating with us. She also wants to send out a big MEOW to all the vendors and music artists that helped make it such a great event!!

You all are the best!

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