University return-to-campus policies mandating indoor masks and weekly testing for people who are unvaccinated has resulted in a campus positivity rate that is less than 1%, well below the Kalamazoo County positive test rate of 11.9%.

Thanks to the cooperation of students, faculty and staff, the campus COVID case count remains low. As of November 9, 2,240 people were tested in the seven-day period preceding and of them, 21 or .9% of the total, tested positive for the virus. COVID dashboard.

Campus immunization statistics:

  • Enrolled students: 76.57%
  • Faculty: 96.02%
  • Staff: 83.74%
  • Combined population: 78.26%

At this time, all students, faculty, staff and visitors—regardless of vaccination status—are required to wear a mask in all University buildings. Mandatory testing for unvaccinated individuals will continue through the remainder of the semester. The team is assessing the testing protocol needed during spring semester.