As we recently Celebrated the Birthdays of Our Nations Connecting Injured Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen To Motorsports Opportunities, we also quietly celebrated our second anniversary and let out a very quiet sigh of reflection.
Our achievements over the last 365 days
We couldn't do any of this without lots and lots of support.......... the support of the volunteers, donors, teams, sponsors and the beneficiaries that place their trust in the programs. In the last year we have delivered;

  • 247 Recovery Program Training Days
  • 21 Active Beneficiaries
  • 19 Volunteers
  • 16 Race Teams
  • 11 Race Tracks
  • 6 Racing Series
  • 3 Countries
  • ONE At A Time
Excite & Engage Programs at the
Operation Motorsport once again partnered with a number of IMSA race teams at both Watkins Glen International, NY, and Canadian Tire Motorsports Park, ON, on the two weekends that bookend the 1st of July Canada & July 4th USA birthday holidays, providing opportunities to 9 medically releasing or released Canadian and US service members.

New this year was the addition of a CTCC event on the Six Hour weekend with our Motorsports Operations Partner TWOth Autosport. This marked the first time we have activated at 2 events on the same weekend.
The 11 day two country / three race stretch marked a new milestone in our history. It marks the placement of 5 Engage Program beneficiaries, the highest number to date. Engage Program beneficiaries have progressed beyond the excite and have found a home in a team and a purpose within that team.
Here's what they had to say

Teamwork and organization are concepts service members know better than most, and while the teams are providing a first opportunity into motorsports for beneficiaries, their perception and experiences provide an insight to the benefits this environment provides.

Katrina Williams says of her LAP and Action Express teammates, " I worked with amazing people. They are great all the way around. I was honored to share the paddock and pits with them.

Sergeant Major Wayne Davidson, who is a Culinary Specialist in the 82 Airborne, had this to say about his teammates from Park Place Motorsports, " I had the pleasure of working with Park Place Motorsports racing team and the crew welcomed me aboard. I worked for them in New York and in Canada. I was made to feel welcomed and comfortable. It was a blessing to feel like you are part of the team. You could tell the teams were a well oiled machine and everyone had their part on the team as well as the Hospitality team which was an important part of the whole team. You need to make sure that all members of the team are taken care of. That includes the tire guy and the drivers. It was a pleasure working with them and they created an excellent atmosphere to work in for the veterans that work with them from Operations Motosports."

Dale Newbury who has been embedded with Kohr Motorsports for a number of races had this to say after the CTMP weekend, "It is very satisfying that all the hard work finally paid off with a podium finish, even with a broken finger and sprained ligaments."

Operation Motorsport long time volunteer Janet Polasek summed it up nicely by saying, " Hearing Christopher Anderson speak about Operation Motorsport to our audience at the Corvette Corral was awesome. But having Chuck Blecher speak from his heart about his TBI and how OpMo has changed his life made them rise to their feet. Chuck and I shared a tear. That is the most powerful thing I can share.
Action Express Racing Honoring Service Men and Service Women by Giving Back through Recovery
"Engage" Program numbers growing
Operation Motorsport beneficiary CW3 (Retired) DeWayne Crawford had graduated to the "Engage" Program, having spent time with other teams and/or other race series, he had an opportunity to work towards becoming contributing member of the already established cohesive team.

Crawford joined Action Express Racing last year and this year is taking his own experiences to the next level by also mentoring a fellow beneficiary, Katrina Williams. Katrina has found a home with LAP Motorsports and is in a unique position where her team races in the IMSA Michelin Pilot Challenge series and normally will compete the day before the IMSA WeatherTech Championship. This frees Williams up on the day Action Express races and has allowed her to join Crawford on race-day.
Thank you to our donors
We can't do any of this without the generous donors and donations. The people who believe in our mission and the opportunities it provides. We would like to acknowledge each and everyone. Specifically over the past weekend at CTMP we raised over $11,000.00 through silent and live auctions at the Corvette Corral and Porscheplatz.

This would not have been possible without the generous donations of auction items by those who support what we do.

This would not have been possible without the help of our team of volunteers, Janet Polasek, Jill Clements, Jennifer Vince, Mel Gallagher

This would not have been possible without the support of the donors.

A special thank you to Ron Fellows and Spring Mountain, whose generosity has been over the top, and to Danny Binks, Sonny Whelen, Teddy Marsh for providing some very special auction items.
Fostering new social interactions and networking
In addition to their team responsibilities, beneficiaries mix and mingle with fellow soldiers and racers at various social functions designed to foster new social interactions and networking opportunities. The program provides respite, recovery, and rehabilitation opportunities to some of those in need affected by military service. The organization endeavors to provide the guidance, environment and tools necessary to develop new skill sets where beneficiaries embark on their recovery.
About 2nd Lieutentant Theo Bruulsema - 2Lt Bruulsema enrolled in the Canadian Armed Forces ROTP program in 2011 and attended Ryerson University, where he developed an interest in motorsports on the university Formula SAE team. After graduating, he was posted to 8 Wing Trenton, Ontario and completed some of the training to be an Aerospace Control Officer until medical issues prevented further progression. While awaiting a release decision, he has been attached to 8 Wing Operations and the Aerospace and Telecommunications Engineering Support Squadron (ATESS) . Theo is pending a medical release in August.

About Chief Warrant Officer 3 (Retired) DeWayne Crawford - Field Artillery Targeting Technician (131A) with 20 yrs. & 7 months of service. Three combat tours in Afghanistan and one in Kosovo. He was responsible for providing assistance and advice to the commander and staff on all matters relative to the employment of target acquisition assets and the Army’s targeting methodology. During two of his 3 Afghanistan deployments, he was involved in IED blast that caused a (TBI) Traumatic brain injury, which caused severe migraines and vertigo. Because of the severity of the TBI the Army determined that would be medically released.

About Sergent Timothy Bernard - Computer Detector System Repair (94F) with 10 yrs. of service. One combat tour in Afghanistan. He was responsible for providing timely assistance and advice to Brigade size elements concerning the deployment and repair of Communications and electronic Equipment (C&E). During the course of recent months he has been diagnosed with Crohn's disease a rare autoimmune disease that affects the digestive track. Because of the severity of the disease the Army will evaluate if with treatment he can still remain in the service.
About Operation Motorsport - Operation Motorsport is a veteran-operated not-for-profit based in Brighton, Ontario and was founded on the basis of three simple words – Excite, Engage and Empower. Its mission is to engage, through motorsport activities, ill and injured service members and disabled veterans, affected by military service, leading to aiding in their recovery and rehabilitation. Visit: