In honor of Black Philanthropy Month, we want to celebrate and support the impactful efforts of Black philanthropists and Black-led nonprofit organizations in our region. Black Philanthropy Month, originally founded by Dr. Jackie Bouvier Copeland in 2011, is an annual global celebration that seeks to elevate African-descent giving and funding equity. Check out the resources below to see how you can learn about, contribute to, and celebrate Black philanthropy in Houston!
Grant Opportunity
The Houston Fund for Social Justice and Economic Equity (Houston Equity Fund), an organization administered by Greater Houston Community Foundation, was awarded a $20 million grant from the Wells Fargo Open for Business Grant Fund. Over the next three years, the Houston Equity Fund will distribute the funding through grants to small businesses and nonprofits to invest in tangible assets that support their start-up, stabilization, and/or growth. The Wells Fargo Open for Business Fund seeks to help diverse-owned small businesses and nonprofits looking to expand or strengthen their businesses. We’re proud to support the Houston Equity Fund in fulfilling its mission to support economic development and wealth building in historically marginalized communities.

The grant application will remain open from August 9, 2022, - August 23, 2022. For more information on how to apply, click here.
What the Data Says About
Disparities in Funding
  • Organizations led by Black and Latino leaders represent 10 percent of nonprofits and yet receive only an estimated 4 percent of total grants and contributions in the nonprofit sector today. This disparity indicates an approximate $22 billion funding gap.

  • Race and ethnicity remain one of the most reliable predictors of life outcomes across education, health, income/wealth, homeownership, entrepreneurship, civic engagement, life expectancy, and engagement with the justice system.
  • Leaders of color are likely to have the most relevant lived experience with and understanding of the problems philanthropy is aiming to solve within communities of color.
  • Disparities in giving to organizations led by people of color hinder the capacity and growth potential of these organizations, therefore hindering the advancement of potentially more relevant and effective solutions.
Reach out to Jennifer Touchet, [email protected], if you’d like to explore these issues as they relate to your own giving or giving in Houston. 
Giving Guide of Houston’s
Black-led Organizations

In November 2020, the Giving Guide of Houston’s Black-led Organizations was created as a tool to make information on Black-led organizations available to Greater Houston Community Foundation staff, donors, and local private foundations. We continue to work with donors and Black nonprofit leaders as we seek to improve this resource in 2023. If you have feedback regarding the guide or want help learning about the currently listed organizations, please contact us at [email protected]! The list of organizations continues to grow.
“The Giving Guide of Houston’s Black-led Organizations is a great resource, there’s nothing else like it out there for Houston.”
Tym Tombar, Governing Board Member at Greater Houston Community Foundation
Black Impact Houston

We have been honored to partner with a new coalition of Black-led organizations named Black Impact Houston. Black Impact Houston aims to support and strengthen Houston’s Black-led nonprofit community through belonging, education, advocacy, mentorship, and leadership development. Through a working relationship with the coalition’s leadership, Greater Houston Community Foundation continues to explore ways to partner in the future. As a result of these conversations, the Foundation will host a storytelling workshop with nationally recognized storytelling facilitator, Michael Balaoing, Esq., for organizations in the Guide on August 11th.
Donor Programming Opportunity
Save the Date for August 25!

Join Black Impact Houston for a virtual screening of Unwavering by NBC Universal and Echoing Green. More details to follow.
3 Things You Can Do
To Support Houston’s Black-led Nonprofit Organizations

1) Visit and learn more about the Black-led nonprofit organizations featured.

2) Donate! Contribute to a nonprofit in the Giving Guide or one that you are passionate about.

3) Check out Understanding Houston to learn more.

Thank you for your continued support of our community. Greater Houston Community Foundation is committed to serving as a resource and collaborative partner as you navigate your giving. If you have questions or would like to recommend a Black-led nonprofit organization in Greater Houston, please reach out to [email protected].