Bulldog Spotlight:
Meet Harley Carley!

From Harley Carley:  Hello everyone, it’s me Harley Carley joining rescue! I brought my best friend, Lollibear with me. At first, it was just me who was leaving with my backpack. But then she saw me packing and she came running! I felt really bad leaving her behind so I told her she could come too. But I can tell you it was a super sad day as we were leaving to go. We had walked to the car several times, and at the last minute my Dad would have a melt down and we would go back in the house. He loved us both so much and could not stand to see us go. But, after some serious heart to heart talks, he knew we needed to be with someone who stayed home and didn’t travel so much. So here we are, looking for that perfect family. Not together though. We want to go our separate ways and not have to share a lap with anyone else. I am 4 years old, a little on the “thick “side but just about as perfect as can be.

From Her Foster: Harley Carley is another super sweetheart. Dr. Larsen called her “moderately obese” even though she only weighs 71 pounds! I could just stare into those eyes all day long! Dr. Larsen would like for her to loose 10 pounds! The diet has started!

I own a local garden center and Harley Carley goes to work with me and has become the official greeter. On a not so funny note, wait till you find out what she did at Thanksgiving. You think because of her size she is a little slow and not very athletic. Well, far from it! She managed to stand on the side of the dinner table for a look see. Somehow she managed to grab the turkey by the leg and off she went. She thought it was a lot funnier than we did! Let’s just say that the dogs around here will have a little turkey added to their kibble for a while.

But how can you not love this big ole gal? She is about perfect in every way.

For more information on Harley Carley, check out her profile page.