Families in our special needs program gathered at our health center yesterday to celebrate Christmas.  Our health team,
 led by Dr. Garcia, served lunch, distributed
 food and hygeine items to each family 
and gifts to the childlren.
Expressions of gratitude and
 tears of joy filled the day. 

Families come to our health center desperate for help.  Their children are starving, their living conditions are deplorable, and sometimes hope seems very far away. 

 We respond by providing medical & dental care, vitamins, food, family planning education & methods, counseling, and necessary medicine for the entire family.

Your contribution makes this all possible.  
  Your passion to help others really does make a difference.

Ruth, Dr. Garcia, Maura, Antonio, and their 6 children

Maura, age 30, and her husband, Antonio, age 32, have six children. They came to our health center asking for family planning help.  Dr. Garcia and Blanca visited their home and saw their deplorable living conditions. The entire family was suffering from chronic malnutrition. 

Blanca holding Patrona's hand, letting her know she cares.

Many of the elderly are malnourished and have unattended medical needs. Often times, they are isolated and suffer from abandonment.  Our health team assists the elderly with medical consults, nutritional supplements, food, dental care, psychological needs and much-appreciated hugs.

Marlon with Grandma Edele and her 4 grandchildren.

    Edele, age 73, brought her four grandchildren to our health center 4 months ago. She and her husband took in the children after their daughter died. The children's father is an alcoholic and abandoned the family.  Six months ago grandpa died leaving Grandma Edele as the so le caregiver.  The children suffer from malnutrition and Edele is not in good health.  

Blanca & Ken with Fredy and his mom and dad. After 6 surgeries, Fredy has a prosthesis and is learning to walk.

A letter from Fredy.

Dear Lois

Greetings to you. May God provide many blessings to you.
I, Fredy Alexander, am very grateful with Jesus Christ and also with you for all you are doing for me and for helping me to have the surgery.  The difficult moments I am going through do not matter.  With your support I continue going forward.  I hope you continue supporting me.


Fredy after surgery to amputate his leg in 2016.

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