Did you know the third week of September is dedicated to the hard-working people employed in construction trades?! Construction Apprececiation Week is near and dear to our hearts. From our construction staff, to trades companies that help us build and repair homes, to the businesses that supply quality material for our projects, there are hundreds of people who help make housing affordable in our communities. Sponsored by  I Build America , Construction Appreciation Week was celebrated September 16-20.
Hammers and Hardhats
The Doris Preucil Women Build committee is gearing up for its final fundraiser, the annual Hammers and Hardhats auction! Join us on November 14 for an evening of fun featuring a silent and live auction, Wine Pull, and live music!

For more information, contact Tami tami@iowavalleyhabitat.org or 319-519-6121.
Other Events
Recognizing this year’s Interfaith Builds major sponsors
Thank you, Saint Andrew Presbyterian Church, and First Presbyterian Church. Without two large contributions from two of our greatest supporters, our Interfaith program may not have gotten off to such a grand start. Who thought we would have been able to build two Interfaith homes the first year we committed to this continuing project?! To all of the members of these two churches, thank you for dedicating these funds, thank you for your help on the build site and Interfaith Committee, and thank you for supporting our vision of a world where everyone has a decent place to live.

We need the support of you and your faith community so we can sustain an Interfaith Build every year. What better way to put your faith into action than building a home alongside the future homeowners? How else do we gain and spread understanding, love, and respect for all of God’s children than by coming together for a common purpose? Please contact gabe@iowavalleyhabitat.org to discuss how you and/or your faith community can support this project and help it continue for years to come!
Earlier this month we met Maria, an Iowa City resident facing the challenges of an inaccessible home. Our Helping Hands crew built the ramp pictured here. The picture is evidence that Maria’s days of mindlessly climbing the stairs, or jumping up the stairs two-at-a-time, are forever in her past. But the picture also shows the future; one with better health, family reunions, and coffee with friends. We are happy to lend a hand to make these moments possible for Maria.
 If you, or a loved one, could benefit from a ramp or aging in place modification, contact our office at (319)337-8949 for more information about Helping Hands.
Interfaith Dedication Ceremony coming soon!
If you were lucky enough to attend our Interfaith Groundbreaking Ceremony earlier this year, you learned a little bit about why we do interfaith work (by bringing people together, we learn that our diverse faiths hold very common values and goals!), and heard beautiful and moving prayers and ground blessings from members of the four faiths on our Interfaith Committee: Islam, Judaism, Unitarian Universalism, and Christianity. You also would have had the chance to eat delicious food!

We will soon have our Interfaith Dedication Ceremony scheduled, where you can again join with people of diverse faiths to celebrate a new beginning for two wonderful families. Yes, there will again be yummy food, but most importantly, these two families will receive the keys to the new homes they purchased and helped build.
If you want to hear about details of this dedication ceremony, once scheduled, please keep an eye on our Facebook page events calendar, read next month’s newsletter, or email gabe@iowavalleyhabitat.org .
Women Build and Red Cedar Chamber Music Host Fundraiser
In August, Doris Preucil and the Women Build committee along with  Red Cedar Chamber Music  hosted a fundraising event featuring food, drinks, commentary from the  future Women Build homeowners , and live music performances by Doris Preucil, Bill Preucil, Miera Kim, and Carey Bostian. More than $7,000 was raised for Women Build through this event! 
Women Build Funds First
Helping Hands Repair
 For more than ten years, members of the Women Build Committee have come together to raise money, swing hammers, and support homeownership for first-time buyers. When we asked this year's committee to sponsor a Helping Hands project, the committee unsurprisingly embraced the challenge and got to work. We are proudly introducing a new Women Build annual initiative! Starting with the Doris Preucil Women Build, the Women Build committee will raise $55,000 to support construction of a new home AND a Helping Hands repair project.
With great excitement, IVHFH announces that it is the recipient of a Johnson County Sustainability Grant.
IVHFH will use the grant to insulate the newly constructed warehouse, which is located on the southeast side of Iowa City. Noting the structure that currently houses temperature sensitive materials and equipment the "Hab Lab" has porous walls and uses an outdated propane furnace, IVHFH staff recently developed a five-year plan to convert the new warehouse into a temperature-controlled space. Installing foam insulation is the first step in this plan.
Many people are unaware of all of the ways we work to improve issues of affordable housing and community development in our 4-county service area.

Please contact gabe@iowavalleyhabitat.org to schedule a time for us to come speak to your business, faith community, organization, or any other group of people! There is much we can share about what we do and our impact on people and communities, the environment, and the economy.