We are Thankful for YOU!

As we come into the delightfully mild weather that passes for winter here in Belize, we take time to appreciate all the work and generosity that has made our school possible, and celebrate the current achievement of our students. Please enjoy taking a few moments to celebrate in our successes with us.
From The Classrooms
Students continue to do well
Although we love to celebrate the exceptional, much of the daily life is heads down over books, studying hard and accumulating an education one fact at a time. It's a delight to walk through the halls and see the students studying in their beautifully decorated classrooms, and see their work, including this eco-system project made by a standard 5 student.
Standard 6 student wins national art competition
We're exceptionally proud of Paris, a 12 year old in Standard 6 (8th Grade) who was one of 16 winners in the Atlantic Bank's Art Competition. This year's theme was Helping the Environment.

Paris drew a delightful picture of villagers planting trees to replace the many trees that have been cut down.

Paris loves to draw, especially in colored pencils.

In the past the Atlantic Bank has used winning images in calendars and desk planners, so Paris's art may soon be seen by thousands of people around the country.

Well done!
Literacy program continues
The literacy program is continuing to do a wonderful job of helping struggling students catch up their literacy skills. This year the volunteers are also helping Spanish speaking students acquire English skills.

Thank you to all the volunteers who give their time to help our students. It is such a help for us and truly lifechanging for the students.

Thank you also to local artist Rae Sept, who donated her talents to paint a beautiful mural showing the reef and sea-life. It's beautiful!
Children's month - thank you Mayor Danny!
November is Children's Month. The town council kicked off the month by visiting all the island's schools and teaching traffic safety - which is increasingly important as our island grows and the streets are becoming much busier.

Mayor Danny also donated 10 truck loads of sand - a very welcome addition for our playgrounds as this time of year is very wet with high tides that cause surface flooding.

With the sand in place, the children are once again loving being able to swing and slide during their lunch breaks.

Later in the month we celebrated Children's Day with fun class parties and performances. Preschool parents performed Little Red Riding Hood for their children, while older students put on a talent show for their fellow students. It was a lot of fun!
We Need YOUR Help!
Holy Cross relies heavily on financial donations to keep our doors open. We need to find $550 US per student per year to keep our classrooms humming and our lunch program operating.

PLEASE help by supporting the cost of a student. Either $250 for classroom costs, $300 for the lunch program or $550 for both.

Click here to donate online or send a check to:
The Holy Cross Education Foundation
7550 Corporate Way
Eden Prairie, MN 55433
Attn: Brian Ostenso
Celebrating the Diverse Cultures of Belize
In addition to early Spanish explorers and later British settlement, Belize has a diverse population of Maya, Mestiso, Creole, Garifuna, Chinese, Indian, Mennonite, Lebanese and more recently a growing population of Americans and Canadians.

Each year we celebrate culture day to learn more about the many different cultures that make up this tiny nation of Belize. It's a fun day of wearing traditional cultural clothing, eating many different types of food, performing dances, reading about the different cultures and of course running around and having fun with your friends.

Photographed here are girls from Ms. Tanya's class, looking immaculate in their beautiful Chinese dresses. Ms. Carol and her friends cook Hudut over a traditional fire stove, and Standard 3 students wait to present a traditional Maya dance.

Click Here to see more photos and learn a little about the cultures that make up Belize. We also have many more photos on our facebook page
Continuing the House of Grace
Steady progress continues of the House of Grace. The windows and exterior doors are in and final stages of adding compund (mud) to the walls is done.

The house is looking more and more like a welcome retreat for visiting clergy.

Read More about the House of Grace.
Thank your ongoing help and interest in Holy Cross School.

Please, if you hear anyone mention that they're coming to Ambergris Caye, be sure and mention our name, tell them they're welcome to visit and that we keep a wishlist on our website.

If you haven't done so already, please follow us on facebook, where you'll get a regular stream of everyday events at the school.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

From the Staff at Holy Cross Anglican School in Belize.
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