LCN is a network of churches with a passion to make 1,000,000 new disciples by 2025.
April 2018
Celebrating Disciple-Makers
Jonathan Robbins, Catalyst for the Local Center in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, shares a tip on making disciple-makers. Highlighting and celebrating disciple-makers helps those actions to be repeated by the congregation. By recognizing those people who are actively engaged in disciple-making, you give positive reinforcement and encourage repetition. This can lead to our ultimate goal of making disciples who make disciples who make disciples!
Join Us for Refuel 2018
Doug Randlett, LCN Board Member and Senior Associate Pastor at Thomas Road Baptist Church, invites you to the Refuel Conference in Lynchburg, Virginia this October. This is a wonderful opportunity for pastors and their staff members to enjoy a time of teaching and refreshment. The event is free. We hope to see you there!
Webinar on Making New Disciples Cross-Culturally, Part 1 - April 23 at 11am EDT
In this two-part webinar series, LCN pastors will engage in a conversation about the most effective principles to implement in your church to make new disciples cross-culturally. 

Whether you are a Caucasian pastor, African American pastor, Latino pastor, Asian pastor or pastor of other ethnicity, we have all been given the same commission, Matthew 28:19-20, to “make disciples of all nations”.

This is not a conversation about diversity in the local church. But rather, it is a conversation about how to reach all people in your community with the gospel and about how to make new disciples using biblical principles and practical strategies. 

In “Part 1” of our webinar we will hear from three lead pastors who have recognized the need to reach all people regardless of race, religion, culture or socioeconomic class. Each of them has strategically implemented several key principles that have helped them to reach across cultures and ethnicities. You will hear their stories and what they have done.

We hope you will join us.
LCN Resources
Did you miss Alex Absalom's webinar on Disciple-Making through Missional Communities last month? Not to worry. Visit the LCN Resources page to watch the video. This page has a variety of resources available to our Local Center leaders and members. From videos and instructional materials to nametags and banners, there are many helpful downloads as you grow your Local Center.

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Missional Community Learning Cohort
As presented during Alex Absalom's webinar in March, he and his colleague Doug Paul have recently launched an excellent new resource to help pastors and churches through the process of starting a Missional Community. This Missional Community Starter Kit offers extensive content as well as coaching and community to simplify what can seem like a daunting process. Furthermore, LCN has partnered with Church Innovation Lab to offer a Learning Cohort to LCN members.

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Be Encouraged and Equipped in Your Ministry
Eugene DeJesus, Main Contact for the Local Center in Chicago, Illinois, discusses his experience with joining a LCN Local Center. It is a unique opportunity for pastors of a local community to share in one another's victories and burdens and to help each other achieve the common goal of building Christ's kingdom.

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New Local Center Launch - Yorktown, VA

Eleven pastors and church leaders from the Yorktown, Virginia area gathered on March 22 at Coastal Community Church to launch the Yorktown Local Center. It was an encouraging time of fruitful discussion and prayer for the Hampton Roads community.

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Liberty Baptist Fellowship Update
Liberty Baptist Fellowship (LBF) was first established in 1982 when several graduates of the seminary expressed their desire to become chaplains in the United States Armed Forces. Under the leadership of Dr. Elmer Towns, Dr. Charlie Davidson and now Dr. Steven Keith, LBF has been the endorsing agency for hundreds of chaplains. 

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Local Center Meetings in April
For a detailed list of all upcoming events at Local Centers, visit our website. Local Centers are hubs where LCN members can be coached, networked, and resourced on how to become better disciple-making churches.
It is also the place where LCN members network to plant local churches and invite other churches to be a part of the LCN family. 
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Interested in leading a local center?