Ridge is an extroverted, active, and smiley little boy. Ridge can crawl, walk with his hands held, and stand and walk with his hands holding onto something for support. He can hold his own bottle and transfer toys between hands. Ridge lives with a foster family and is attached to his foster mom. He can stretch his hands out to ask his foster mom for a cuddle and can make sounds of da-da. Ridge responds well to facial expressions and really likes hide-and-seek and looking at himself in the mirror! He is very curious about new things around him and changes in his environment. Ridge cares about the people close to him and is said to be a good eater and sleeper. He likes to play with his friends and his favorite toys are those that are colorful or make sounds. Ridge is waiting for his forever family. Could that family be yours?

There are currently several grants available for the family who commits to Ridge through Madison Adoption Associates, totaling $3,000. If you are interested in learning more about Ridge, or any other waiting children who have Down syndrome, please email Sarah Hansen .