The Davis Principles
Hawks Family,

Here we are in the middle of May! It is hard to believe. Just a few short weeks of the school year remain, with each day seeming to fly by faster and faster.

We were blessed last week with the opportunity to share a Week of Spiritual Emphasis (Week of Prayer) as a school family. I was particularly moved by the final offering of the High School student-led week of prayer brought to us by Pastor Gabe and the Music Ministry class. Their individual gifts and collective collaboration was remarkable. Watch: Music Ministry Video.

I have enjoyed watching this video several times, and experiencing how it speaks to me each time. I am blessed by the talents, no doubt. But, what I have found equally remarkable is the message that is conveyed. I see a message of resilience. During this crazy time that we are in, it's easy to be weighed down with negativity. What I saw in the video was a group of students that was finding a way. Instead of throwing hands in the air and being frustrated about what they could not do, they all came together and found a way to bring their ministry to life in a powerful way.

This is a great example for all of us. We can choose to focus on the things that are different and difficult, and consume ourselves with the things that we cannot do, or we can forge ahead and find a way. Romans 8:37 reads, "Know, in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us." Thank you to Pastor Gabe and the Music Ministry class for showing us that we can, in fact, be "more than conquerors."


Bill Davis
TK-12 Principal
Week of Prayer -- ZOOM-Style
HS Worship Facilitator: Pastor Gabe Martinez
Students and staff gathered around their devices to participate in worship during the annual Spring Week of Prayer. All enjoyed the opportunity to sing, pray and learn as thoughts turned to God and his many blessing to us during this time. High School students led out in grades 9-12, while grades TK-8 participated in worship through a combination of EAA student-led moments and videos presented by the Southeastern Conference of SDA.
Senior, Emily Seals, was the speaker for the morning.
TK-8 students learned about Jonah and how God taught him the importance of acceptance, repentance and forgiveness.
MS Worship Facilitator: Mr. Spencer
TK-5 Worship Facilitator: Mr. Davis
EAA Constituent Churches at Worship
During this time of stay-at-home orders, it has been difficult for church communities to enjoy the fellowship and community that church provides. If you are looking to stay involved in church life, we encourage you to look into one of our constituent church services virtually. A number of our churches have sent links to their church livestream services and/or recordings for Saturday mornings. See below:

In Support of EAA 2020 Graduates
If you are on Facebook, you have seen hundreds of people posting their Senior pictures in support of the Graduates of 2020 who are missing all of the usual events leading up to receiving that diploma. EAA staff wanted to show EAA graduates that we support them and are thinking of them through this difficult time. For the next several Hawks Headlines issues, Senior pictures of EAA staff will be posted. 2020 Graduates, we miss you and want you to know that we hope to celebrate your accomplishments with you soon. Enjoy!
Ms. Whitley
Mr. Bob
M rs. Zimmerman
Mrs. Hawkins
The 2020 Graduates - 8th Grade
EAA is proud to celebrate the

8th Grade Class of 2020

Congratulations on your accomplishments and we cannot wait to see how God leads you in the future.
Zora Iman Pipersburgh
Anneliese K. Luxton
Religious Vice-President
Jareb H. Aguilar
Social Vice-President
Abigail A. Besufekad
David J. Lister
Victoria S. Reyes
Jonathan D. Lister
Gabriel Avalos
Maile Ui'lani Berry
Traysen N. Nhem
Rachel Mae Perrington
Armand Hector Sanabria
Sherilyn Sanchez
Justin MaKana Trinity
Silvia Daniela Uribe
Hawks Sightings!
One of the casualties of the Coronavirus was the annual EAA celebration of Mothers - Muffins with Mom. However, Mrs. Shitabata made sure the 3rd grade Moms shared the event in their homes with their kiddos. Thank you, Mrs. Shitabata for keeping this tradition alive in a pandemic by making home deliveries!
"Together We Soar" Scholarship Fund
To assist families with extraordinary financial circumstances, Home and School has established the "Together We Soar" scholarship fund. No one anticipated a need as great as we have now. This fund depends entirely on donations from grateful and generous individuals. If you are in a position to help, we ask that you consider donating to the "Together We Soar" fund by visiting our school website, www.eaaschool.org and clicking the Donate tab on the homepage. All donations are tax deductible, and will go towards tuition assistance for families experiencing financial difficulties. #togetherwesoar
Happy Principal's Day, Princi-Bill!
On Monday, April 4, the EAA family had a chance to celebrate Bill Davis for Principal's Day. The parade of cars clogged the street and the sound of shouts and honking horns brought out the neighbors to see what was happening.
Balloons and signs expressing thankfulness to Mr. Davis for his leadership were in abundance.
Thank you, Mr. Davis, for being 100% invested in EAA and for always showing that you love EAA and the Hawks! The Hawks LOVE you...right back!
Teacher Appreciation Week
Another reason to celebrate during the week of
May 4-8 was that it was

T eacher Appreciation Week

Thank you Hawk Family for always making EAA teachers know they are appreciated. It is especially welcome in this extraordinary time.
The Future Doctor Will See You Now
Students in Anatomy & Physiology class created skits illustrating a case study they were assigned and the results they would create for that scenario if they were doctors.  
Cast: Jeremiah Domingo, Cameron Fowler, Rebecca Perrington and Cody Zhang.

The Zimmermans
Doug and April Zimmerman will be leaving EAA after the 2019-2020 school year to move to beautiful Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, where Doug will assume the job of Principal at Lake City Academy. The Zimmermans have been an important part of the Hawk Family since their arrival in the 2003-2004 school year.
For April and Doug from Cristy Anna Martinez -

I arrived at EAA in July of 2001 a 24 year-old straight out of college. It was the first time I was completely separated from family. Even in college, I had my sister. I struggled with homesickness for the greater part of the first two years. I contemplated leaving on several occasions. Enter Doug and April Zimmerman. The year they arrived on campus was the turning point for me. I had found my people. Doug and I are two gold peas in a pod and April is my best friend. Over the past 17 years we have journeyed through life’s ups and downs and I can truly say they are “ohana.” I dare not say goodbye only see you later...
Excelling at Distance Learning
From Mrs. Shitabata :
3rd Grade Students have been able to access ixl to help keep math and language arts skills fluent. They are working hard! We have some certificates to prove it. ;)

We also had some lessons on Letter Writing, being that April was National letter writing Month! Of course they learned the 5 parts of a letter, and practiced writing to someone and addressing an envelope and mailing it. 

Their final letter project was to write to a community worker thanking them for the job they do for us during covid-19.
Blake Wicks
2020 Cherokee Lane
Escondido, CA 92026

Palomar Health
2185 Citracado Pkwy
Escondido, CA 92029

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Dear Healthcare workers,

I want to thank you for your services. You’re the heroes of the world. Your helping us getting through COVID-19 a lot! So, thank you so much! You’re the people who are saving the world. Your awesome! I wish you the best day!

Sincerely yours,

Blake Wicks
3rd Grader
Costco Wholesale
725 Center Drive
San Marcos, Ca 92069

April 30, 2020

Dear Costco staff,

Thank you so much for all your services during this quarantine time! Thank you for trying to keep the shelves stocked. Although, the toilet paper is still at scarcity, we can still find other foods, and books, and some toys. I also want to thank you for all the delicious deli foods you have! My favorite is the cheese pizza and the hot dogs. I would be too sad if you closed down the deli! Stay safe and clean and continue to do an awesome work!

Liam Aguilar (3rd grader).
Mrs. Peterson sent along these amazing works of art.
MS students depicted Bible stories by creating their own illustrated story books with Biblical verses. Great Job! .
The Library Corner
The HAWKS LITTLE LIBRARY for K-8 is alive and well and sitting outside our front entrance. Enjoy the books at your convenience. A new assortment of fiction and nonfiction are out. Some of the new books have a post-it note just inside the cover with AR info.If you would like to return some of those books that you checked out in February and March, leave them in the boxes and put your name and the name of the book in the check-out envelope. If you return a book you got from the LITTLE LIBRARY, just take your paper out of the envelope. If you would like a certain book or want to read about a particular subject, email me at  dhenkes@eaaschool.org  and I'll see you get it

Are there classics you have wanted to read for years? Loyalbooks.com
has thousands of free audiobooks for parents and older readers. 

I'm still enjoying the weekly update of the life of Cece Bell, the author of "El Deafo". Here's the link:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqumqDfE9869Kow_Kygavcg  She's a real character! Let me know if you're watching, too.   
DeeDee Henkes
Celebrating EAA Birthdays
Wishing the following Hawks the happiest of birthdays during the Month of May.

May 1  Jaxon Hernandez & Jiyoung Park
May 6  Brooklyn Abreau, Robert Lister , Kaitlynn Martinez & Mrs. Peterson
May 9   Ashley Bae & Bianca Tanwangco
May 10  Athena Kabingue
May 13  Jessica Aguilar, Miya Bumroongchart & Mike Li,
May 14  Taylor Vodicka
May 15  Cameron Fowler
May 16 Abgail Besufekad
May 24  Riley Meyers
May 29  Mrs. Browning
May 31    Jovan Uribe
Escondido Adventist Academy 1301 Deodar Road, Escondido, CA 92026
Phone: (760) 746-1800