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April 2019


In this issue: Earth Month, Transformer Installation Video, Electric Train Updates and Events 

CalMod Celebrates Earth Month

Say Goodbye to Morning Commute Pollution

April is Earth Month, so we thought we'd share some facts about how the Caltrain Modernization program is contributing to a healthier planet and a happier local community. The electrification of our fleet will result in a 97% reduction in emissions and will remove 176,000 metric tons of greenhouse gases annually, which are the main contributor to climate change. Switching from diesel to electric-powered trains also means reductions in noise pollution along the corridor. Together these environmental benefits mean a healthier habitat for people, plants, and animals alike. Over 65,000 people ride Caltrain everyday. That's a LOT of cars off the road, and electrification will allow even more people to choose a form of transportation that's only getting greener. Happy Earth Month, Caltrain riders!

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Transforming Power for the Caltrain Corridor

Construction to make Caltrain a modern, electric commuter rail system continues! This month, crews continued installing foundations and conduit along the corridor from South San Francisco to San Jose. Work was also performed on paralleling stations in Sunnyvale and San Mateo, and three traction power facilities along the corridor. Check out our video to see a timelapse of crews installing a transformer, which is an important element of a substation that helps to ensure electricity is consistently distributed throughout the Caltrain system.
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Front end mask of first cab car

In April, the front-end mask of the first cab car (pictured above) began production in Los Angeles. Trainset #1 also ushered in a new era at the Salt Lake City manufacturing facility, with cars moving into the new production hall.

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Upcoming Events

Local Policy Makers Group
April 25, 2019, 5:30 pm
SamTrans Administrative Offices, Edward J. Bacciocco Auditorium
1250 San Carlos Ave, San Carlos, CA 94070

JPB Board Meeting 
May 2, 2019, 10:00 am
SamTrans Administrative Offices, Edward J. Bacciocco Auditorium
1250 San Carlos Ave, San Carlos, CA 94070

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What Is CalMod?

The Caltrain Modernization Program (CalMod) includes electrification and other projects that will upgrade the performance, efficiency, capacity, safety and reliability of Caltrain's service. The current electrification project will electrify the corridor from San Francisco to San Jose and replace 75 percent of Caltrain's diesel service with high-performance electric trains, reducing air pollution and providing better service to more riders.