Celebrating Eve, with gratitude for good friends
Eve-Ann Kristiansen was a good friend and much loved by the FPCP family. Eve joined our congregation in March 1956. She was an active, dedicated, creative, and joyful member for the next 59 years, until her passing in 2015. Eve served as a Deacon and Elder, and in the late 1960s, she was the only woman on our Executive Planning Council -- a leadership group formed to oversee a significant expansion of our facilities, which also expanded our service to this community. "She was a wonderful example to all of us," writes church historian Janet Selleck Rust.

Eve's tremendous impact on our congregation will continue for years to come, thanks to her generous legacy gift to FPCP. Her daughter Kathy says our church was a major part of Eve's life. "It was not only her faith, but the fellowship of this church that lifted her up during challenging times," Kathy writes. "The people, ministry, and music of this church are so special, and meant so much to my mother."

Eve had diverse talents and interests. She enjoyed the outdoors and gardening. She also loved travel, books, and music, especially opera. As leader of our Congregational Life program, Eve was terrific at planning social activities -- from dinners and lunches and game nights to concerts and tours of local historic sites. For many summers, she also organized FPCP's annual outdoor worship service and picnic at the Garrison Fish & Game Club, where she was a member. "But she may be best remembered for the fabulous cakes she made for every church event!" recalls Lynn Brown.

That's true: Those cakes come up a lot when FPCP folks share their memories of Eve!
She always baked cakes and brownies for our annual fall Harvest Sale. "Many people don't know that Eve actually had a very small kitchen, which not only served her well for baking but also for cooking for five children!" notes Susan Jordan. Susan shares a favorite story from those Harvest Sales. Eve's son Karl loved his mom's brownies. He especially loved the corner pieces, cut from the big sheet pans. "But Eve would not allow him to take the corner pieces before the sale," Susan remembers with a smile. "He had to come to the sale to purchase his brownies!" Jean Wirz Duncan adds wistfully: "Eve's brownies and cakes never lasted on our sale tables for very long."

Eve also loved dogs, and at least one dog loved music as much as her owner. "Eve had Wednesday when I first met her," says Renee Cruikshank. "Wednesday was a medium sized hound who would sing if you started singing." Renee considered Eve a very dear friend, and the two shared many happy times. "Eve was a terrific person and cared very much for her family, friends, and church. We would sit for hours talking about our lives." Renee says. "I miss her every day." Read more beautiful memories of Eve-Ann Kristiansen here, and see pictures of her fabulous cakes!

This week, let's be grateful for happy times shared with our good friends. Remember we are still together, even when we're apart. And the best news is that all of us are loved, all the time. Read on to discover how FPCP members and our friends are staying connected, comforting each other, and serving our neighbors in need.
Midnight Run Mission: This week, a story about our friend Alberto
By Ron Sopyla
Elder Ron Sopyla & Rev. David Harkness made a Midnight Run to NYC on Aug. 1, taking food and critical supplies directly to people in NYC who are experiencing homelessness.

The Midnight Run nonprofit organization arranges for people to help us on our trips. One person is Alberto, a homeless man himself, who helps take care of other people on the street. He does crowd control, arranging large turnouts into neat lines, making sure everyone is wearing a mask, and that the mask covers their nose and mouth. He knows where to find people, always has kind words for them, and texts others, alerting them to where we will be and when.

We try to thank Alberto by making sure he gets provisions at the end of each run. At times, when crowds are very heavy, he has gone empty-handed. Our church supplies turkey and cheese sandwiches. Alberto doesn’t care for turkey and cheese, so I told him to order any sandwich he wanted, and I would try to supply it. It was a great sandwich: meatloaf with swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayo, and mustard. To read the rest of Ron's story, click here.

Photo illustration credit and a related story: DemocracyNow.org's "Housing not Shelters: Amid Pandemic, Homeless New Yorkers Demand Refuge. . ."
Our outdoor service at Mayor's Park on Sunday, Aug. 9 was beautiful -- and safe!
After rain, wind, and hurricane: Our outdoor service was just grand!
After a one-week postponement due to hurricane-related weather, our outdoor worship service in Mayor's Park on Sunday, Aug. 9 turned out just grand! We are grateful to Rev. Doris Chandler, Director of Music Tom McCoy, cellist Carolyn Llewellyn, and all of the hard-working committee members who made this beautiful and SAFE gathering happen. And: Thanks to all of our good friends who joined us, in person or online, via Zoom! For a slideshow with more pictures from the service, visit our Facebook page here.
Our Bulletin Board
Try our monthly Book Club! This month we read Caleb's Crossing by Geraldine Brooks. Set in the 17th century on Martha's Vineyard, it tells of a Puritan family and one daughter's relationship with the son of a Wampanoag chieftain who would become the first Native American to graduate from Harvard. Cathy Lim will lead our discussion online, via Zoom, on Tuesday, Aug. 25 at 7 pm. Join us! For more info, email Jean here.
Next Youth Group: Aug. 16 Teens: There's a lot going on in this world. Let's talk about it! Join our Youth Group online THIS SUNDAY, Aug. 16, at 5:30 pm on Zoom for a lively conversation with Rev. Dr. Doris on timely topics. Our Youth Group generally meets online for one hour every other Sunday. All Philipstown teens are welcome to join us -- your family doesn't need to be FPCP members. To get the Zoom link, email Rev. Dr. Doris.
Kids: Exploring big ideas! Sunday School is a great place to explore big ideas. Carolyn, our Youth Ed leader, sends a weekly email to families with stories, links, activities, and other inspiration. Last week we read and watched a Bible story about Jesus walking on water, and why his friend Peter sank when he tried it (see above). We also talked about "Jesus bugs" that seem to walk on water, too, and why. Join our e-list! Email Carolyn here!
Find comfort and caring on our Pastor's Porch.
Rev. Dr. Doris Chandler invites one and all to pull up a chair and sit with her on her "virtual porch." This is a great way to share news or concerns, pray together, or just enjoy quality time with the pastor.

Email Rev. Dr. Doris here to fix your time on the Pastor's Porch!
In the midst of this worldwide health crisis, we are grateful we can serve our neighbors in need through critical mission programs, including the Food Pantry and Midnight Run

If you feel called to support FPCP's outreach, we warmly welcome your contributions. If you are a member of the FPCP family and can maintain your church giving at this difficult time, we humbly thank you. Online donations can be made right here. Bless you!
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