On March 15, Centro Cultural San Pablo in Oaxaca City to Launch
Exhibit Celebrating FOFA's 2018 Prize-Winning Young Folk Artists
An exhibit featuring the 19 young Oaxacan folk artists who recently won 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes in FOFA's (Friends of Oaxacan Folk Art) 2018 competition will open on March 15 at the Centro Cultural San Pablo, Oaxaca's premier venue dedicated to arts, education and culture. FOFA's competitions were launched 10 years ago to support the multi-generational cultural traditions of Oaxacan artist families and are run in conjunction with the Museo Estatal de Arte Popular Oaxaca (Oaxacan State Folk Art Museum). Folk artists aged 30 years and younger are encouraged to enter, and while many come from the villages that are within an hour of Oaxaca city, some hail from much farther away.
1st place winner, Other Textiles,
Eloísa Jiménez Felipe

This year's top prize winners are aged from 13 to 30, including seven young women and 12 young men. Their winning pieces cover a range of modalities, including carved wood sculptures, intricately painted wooden carvings, glazed and unglazed ceramic works, shuttle loom woven rugs ("tapetes"), other textiles such as hand-embroidered clothing, jewelry and carved bone.
1st place winner, Shuttle Loom Woven Rugs,
Constantino Lazo Martínez

The FOFA exhibit at the Centro Cultural San Pablo will run from March 15 through May 17, 2019. Originally a convent dating back to the 17th century, the Centro Cultural San Pablo was renovated and created to be a gathering space for exhibitions, events and classes focusing on Oaxaca's rich culture and history. It is a project of the Alfredo Harp Helu Foundation.
Winner, Best Piece by a Youth 16 Years and Younger,
Jenifer Teresa García López

Please visit the FOFA website at www.fofa.us to learn more about the organization or to order a four-color catalog featuring stunning photos and write-ups of all 66 winners and honorable mentions, and information about how to reach the artists.
1st place winner, Decorative Painting of Wood Carving,
Ángelico Jiménez Carrillo


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