Join GlobalMindED and Council for Opportunity in Education to celebrate First-Generation students on November 8th! 

We salute all First Gen college students, graduates, parents, everyone who works with them and wants to hire them in celebration of the annual First Generation College Day.

Letter from Adrian Rosado, Founder of The Zion Group and First Gen Grad
First Gen students are the fastest growing population to enter college in the next decade. While they can be resilient, resourceful and remarkable in many ways, they also may come from the least resourced high schools, the most overworked and underserved counselors and parents who can't help them at the rate that their middle and upper middle class parents can with their extensive networks.  We look forward to working with all of you to open the doors of professional success for First Gen so that we can all benefit from a capable, diverse talent pipeline to power our economic future.

Currently, only 1.8% of undergraduate students study abroad during their college career. Of those who do, very few include First Gen and/or minority groups. Our goal is to bring this opportunity to more students who may not otherwise be able to do so. Studying abroad is a unique opportunity for students to broaden their cultural awareness and cross-cultural competence; falling directly in line with GlobalMindED's commitment to cultivate a global and thriving workforce of first-generation students.

As a First Gen student of color, I understand the monumental  impact learning in experiential spaces abroad had on me. The knowledge  gained from local cultures; the food tasted in new countries; the  interactions with community members and other learners. Because of these  experiences, I became a storyteller and connector. Aspects that people  would come to appreciate about our interactions,  ultimately leading to  national and international networking opportunities.

GlobalMindED, in partnership with The Cultural Clarity Experience, is  hosting a cohort of First Gen college students on an  International Immersion trip to China in July 2019. Students will engage  in the history of China through interactive activities and cultural  excursions, including: The Great Wall of China, Grand Buddha at Ling  Shan, Oriental Pearl Tower and Shanghai FuDan University. We will host  Cultural Clarity discussions followed by traditional dinners with local  Chinese students enrolled at Education First Learning Centers throughout  China.

Sounds Interesting? Join us on this 10-day journey to enhance your  cross-cultural communication and leadership skills. Watch the video  to see the transformation of our 2018 cohort and reach out to us  to be a part of The Cultural Clarity Experience: China 2019 cohort!   Application Deadline: February 1, 2019.
Profile of Evelyn Orozco, GlobalMindED First Gen Student

Evelyn Orozco is an outstanding First Generation to college student an d someone we celebrate this week along with all students who are the first in their fa mily to go to  college. As a University of Denver student majoring in math and communication, Evelyn is able to bridge both the right and left brain in school an out. She went from being an intern at GlobalMindED to working her way up to assistant manager at Home Depot while maintaining stellar grades. Recently, she became the assistant marketing manager for LifeBound. Her career aspiration includes going to law school and serving in the intelligence and security services. 

How did she learn about GlobalMindED?  
Her mentor, Yvette De La Cruz, is one of GlobalMindED's Young Leaders and suggested that she reach out to see how she could get involved with GlobalMindED's networks of mentors, role models, internships and jobs.
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