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January / February 2018 Newsletter
As we close out 2017 and begin the new year, we are celebrating God's goodness and faithfulness in all things.  What an incredible year with so much fruit!! So many men, women, and children were restored because of your love. 

Here's some of what you were a part of in 2017 . . .


Glasses Providing new eye glasses and screening tests for children at-risk.

Training and equipping children in our Kids Justice House of Prayer (KJHP).  

COFL Team 2

COFL Team 3 What a joy to partner with Children on the Frontlines, where we ministered to the kids and community in so many powerful ways.  


Special Ed The children in our children's home have been so blessed by a new curriculum established to help kids with special needs.  In February of this year, a Special Education teacher developed the first of its kind training and teaching curriculum for kids with special needs, in Cambodia.  We are hoping to eventually publish and share this incredible resource, but for now our kids are gleaning from these new tools.  Our teachers were also trained and are now feeling more confident to teach and empower the children with disabilities that they are working with.

EL New Products EL New Products 2
Our EL girls loved learning new product designs, as we created new fabric bags, scarves, and shirts.  The more products we sell the more women and children we can help! Thanks for your support in sponsoring EL women and kids and buying their products.  
https://store.xpministries.com/collections/types?q=Everlasting Love

Our Poipet Street Kids Project works strategically to keep children safe and had great breakthrough in networking, outreach, prevention and rescue efforts this April.
Prophetic School What a joy to train Khmer pastors and leaders in intercession and the prophetic at a local partner's School of the Prophetic. So many were baptized in the spirit and spoke in tongues for the first time, many committed to start an intercessory prayer group in their area, and all received new tools to better hear and understand the voice of Lord.


WOFL Event
Our EL girls were so excited to minister through their products, making and praying over items that were sold to women from around the world at the annual Women on the Frontlines Global Conference, in the US.

  Interns Interns 2
We love hosting teams, and in May we had the privilege of training and equipping three beautiful interns.  These interns learned front and behind the scenes missions ministry, as they linked arms with our team in outreach, administration, and prayer initiatives.


Child Placements
There is no greater joy than seeing children placed in safe families.  These kids now have a home!

Children_s Day Children_s Day 2
  Children_s Day 3
We love celebrating children, and for this year's International Children's Day, we were able to bless our kids with gifts to express the great value and worth that they possess.

Kids Progress

Kids Progress 2 Kids Progress 3
Our KJHP and EL kids have made so much progress in their learning.  In June, KJHP kids took to the streets to pray and evangelize in their communities.  These kids are changing their community through their prayers and outreach activities.  Their families, friends, teachers, and neighbors are coming to know the Lord through their sharing.


Mao One of our boys who was exploited and in unsafe care, living and working on the streets, is now safe.  Just love how our Heavenly Father places the lonely in families (Psalm 68:6).

EL Training

EL Training 2 We love empowering and equipping our Khmer leaders.  This month we were blessed to have a special trainer in to teach and equip our teachers.  They had so much fun setting up new learning centers in our EL Daycare and Pre-school Center.


EL Move

EL Move 2
This month was marked by "new." We were blessed with a new building to house the EL women's training and children's program!  What a gift to have more room and better electric for sewing and skills training.

Team Outreach Team Outreach 2
We love partnering with teams.  This month we were blessed by a team that built us a new fence at our children's house.  We were also able to travel to several strategic cities, including Sihanoukville, Cambodia and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam for prayer and worship focused outreaches.  So much glory was released in these gateway cities, as we linked arms and voices!

EEP Kids

EEP Kids 2

EEP Kids 3 Another school year begins.  This year we were able to sponsor over 55 children in education and lunches.  Kids from slum and street communities now have hope through our Education Empowerment Program.

School Progress School Progress 2
One of the children in our Education Empowerment Program, a child that no one thought would succeed, received an award for being in the top percentile in her school district. We also had the privilege of linking arms with a Vietnamese School reaching out to poor and vulnerable Vietnamese children, in Phnom Penh.  Our team shared a powerful message to encourage these kids to stay in school and follow Jesus.

OPS Team OPS Team 2

OPS Team 3
We love partnering.  This month we partnered in prayer for our second annual Operation Prayer Strike Cambodia Event, where an international team traveled to a number of key Cambodian cities to bring light and life.  We also partnered to teach two training courses to Khmer pastors, on prayer and the prophetic, at the School of the Prophets.



Banquet 2

Banquet 3

What a joy to host a group of men, women, seniors, and children on the frontlines, in our Frontline Cambodia Outreach.  A highlight was our women's banquet, where Khmer women who were exploited and at-risk received the love of Jesus, some hearing for the first time.  An all you can eat buffet, roses, tiaras, gifts, and dancing were just some of the ways we celebrated and shared a message of value and destiny to these beautiful Cambodian women from poor and vulnerable communities.

Special Ed Training
In November, we welcomed an on-staff Special Education teacher / trainer, who will be working with us in a number of projects over the next year+ to teach and train children and their teachers. We are excited that so many Khmer children in need will be accelerated into further transformation, gaining physical, cognitive, and spiritual keys for their development.



Vietnam 2
We were honored to partner with several friends and ministries working in Northern Vietnam for a historic event within the nation.  Churches from varied locations and denominations all came together to publically host Franklin Graham.  Over 30,000 persons attended this event, many hearing the Gospel message of Jesus for the first time, and over 7,000 persons made a decision to invite Jesus to be Lord and Savior of their life!


Christmas 2

Christmas 3
What an incredible Christmas season celebrating the King of Kings! We had a blast celebrating with all of our kids and women in the Kids Justice House of Prayer (KJHP), Education Empowerment Program, and Everlasting Love Women's Program.  
So much fun, food, and fellowship! The kids in our KJHP made cards for each other with encouraging prophetic messages and were so excited to share with their friends what they had heard God speaking to them. They all loved growing more in their identity and understanding of who God is this holiday season.

We are expecting God to continue to build upon all He did last year, with even more lives changed and set free.  We are off to a busy and glorious new year.  Here is some of what's been happening this month:


Dance Team  
Dance Team 2
This month was an exciting time for our Everlasting Love women and their children.  The year has started with lots of healing and opportunities to learning new things.  The girls are learning new patterns for new product designs and were also able to learn a new form of creative expression through dance.  We were honored to link arms with an Australian dance company who choreographed all of our EL women and their kids in a professional dance performance.  They spent the week learning new moves, some of them dancing for the first time.  For many it was difficult, but they soon learned the rewards of hard work and perseverance.  
Their performance was about mothers and children and leaving their past behind them.  Our girls were so moved by the theme, and as they danced, many received deeper heart healing and were able to release trauma and pain.  Most on our team wept, as we watched them perform and step into new levels of confidence and freedom.  

Please pray for our women as they continue to grow deeper in their relationship with the Lord and their identity in Him.  

Because of your partnership many more will be saved and set free in 2018!! Thanks for your part in the transformation of nations!

With love and gratitude,
Patricia King, Andrea Aasen and the XP Missions team   

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* Names have been changed to protect identities and not re-exploit. 
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