Celebration of International Women's Month
& AmCham's Women in Leadership Anniversary
Dear AmCham Vietnam-HCMC Member,

We at AmCham Vietnam-HCMC join the global celebration of the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women as part of International Women's Month. We commend those who have contributed to gender equality in Vietnam, the United States, and other nations. Yet, we know more work must be done here and around the world to achieve gender equality, as we strive for the inclusion of more women in leadership and for equal pay, as part of a broader call for gender parity.
UN Women envisioned a new country called Equiterra, in which equality between genders, climate justice, and inclusion would reign. (Photo: Ruby Taylor/UN Women). Full version: http://unwo.men/Qg2O30qmNlM
This year, UN Women has created the “I am Generation Equality: Realizing Women’s Rights” theme as part of its International Women's Day multigenerational campaign for the empowerment of women and girls across the world. In keeping with that theme and in celebration of the one-year anniversary of AmCham’s Women in Leadership committee, we are hosting a panel event on March 18th featuring women leaders from different generations who can offer their insights, observations, and ideas for accelerated gender equality.  Please check amchamvietnam.com  in the coming days for updated information on the panelists and event details.
We at AmCham Vietnam wish to acknowledge and celebrate the women of AmCham and our business community in Vietnam—from our AmCham team, Board of Governors, as well as our members—big and small—who continue to make strides for gender equality. We also commend our members who prioritize recruiting and retaining a diverse, inclusive workforce as a key part of their talent development plans, including ensuring gender equality at all levels of their organizations. 
On behalf of AmCham Vietnam-HCMC, our AmCham team, Board of Governors, and Women in Leadership Committee, we thank those who strive to make our business community a fair, inclusive, and empowering space for all. May we all continue to accelerate gender parity in our organizations, communities, nations, and throughout the world.
Mary Tarnowka
Executive Director
AmCham Vietnam-HCMC
Amanda Rasmussen
AmCham Vietnam-HCMC
Minh Nguyen
Board Liaison
Women in Leadership Committee