Kiffney is a caregiver for two families: Her St. Anne’s Mead Family and her extended family. She raised her son, Charles, who is now 35 and has two little ones, Charles II age 5 and Cameron age 1,

Now, she is caregiver to her grandmother, Marion, age 94. “I take care of my grandmother and she is still strong and fairly independent even though she has Parkinson’s disease and dementia. But I love coming home to her. My sister and I share the care. And I regularly spend time with my son and my grandkids -- I love being a grandmother,” said Kiffney.

Reflecting on 2020, Kiffney asserts that she and her colleagues boosted each other up. “There was so much fear and uncertainty, but we had a job to do,” she said. “We didn’t let the pandemic get the best of us.” 

Kiffney thrives on helping others and keeping things in order – qualities that make her an exceptional caregiver.  “In 2020 I learned it is especially important to manage our stress. Take a break. Breathe. These are little things, but they are so important to being a good caregiver. We must care for ourselves, too.”

She ended 2020 on a positive note, with added responsibilities which include scheduling all resident aides at St. Anne’s Mead. 

Her advice to others: Live by the Golden Rule: Treat people as you would want to be treated.