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This Giving Tuesday, you have the power to help elephants. Through your support of our Help Elephants in Asia Campaign, EAI can enhance the lives of elephants in Nepal and other parts of Asia. From delivering fresh food during the pandemic, to keeping elephants warm in winter with custom made coats, to providing that first, sweet taste of freedom with chain-free corrals, EAI works to improve the welfare of captive elephants. 

Your donation is an investment with immediate results on the ground in Asia. Together we can improve the lives of elephant at a time.

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Elephant Refuge North America Virtual Tour 2020

Join EAI Founder and CEO Carol Buckley on a brand new breathtaking virtual tour of Elephant Refuge North America (ERNA). Carol explains the natural features of ERNA that make southern Georgia, USA an ideal home for elephants in need. Enjoy an aerial view of ERNA's rich habitat including lush pastures, dense forests, lakes, ponds and streams. Discover all the improvements made to help us care for elephants when they arrive: double fence system and safety gates, maintenance and caregiver facilities, state-of-the-art elephant barn, 100-acre quarantine habitat, 750-acre expanded habitat, wooden access bridges, and the Elephant Cam system.

To watch the tour, click the play button above.

Amboseli Trust for Elephants Marks Record Birth Year

Join Dr. Cynthia Moss, Director and Founder of the Amboseli Trust for Elephants, and EAI Advisory Council Member as she explains the wonderful baby boom happening at Amboseli National Park. A record 205 baby elephants have been born at the park so far this year with more expected in December. Dr. Moss told The Irish Times, "We need happy news with all the things happening in the world, but particularly with the COVID problem, and so we like to see something is not bothered by it."

Read the full article and watch the touching video here.

Grieving - An Opportunity to Learn

While unintended, this issue of EAI's eNews focuses on the circle of life. As we celebrate new life, we also grieve the loss of others. Each are teachers. Java, Carol's canine companion of 15 years and wonderful friend to many, passed away last month. Carol shared a moving tribute with life-changing insights from her time with Java.
"Upon Java's passing, I was hit hard with the realization that love knows no boundaries, species or otherwise. I don't know why I never thought of this before, but Love is Love, pure and simple," Carol writes. "Its depth has nothing to do with what the loved one looks like on the outside, only with who they are."
Grief is something humans and elephants have in common. Elephants are among the few species of mammals, other than Homo sapiens and Neanderthals, who are believed to have death rituals. In the wild, elephants have been observed engaging in what appears to be mourning the death of a herd member. In captivity, even unrelated elephants have been seen grieving the death of a companion.
Read Carol's full tribute and enjoy photos of Java here.

Remembering Hansaraj

Hansaraj was one of the first mahouts I met in Nepal back in 2013. His smiling face and comical personality always made me laugh. During our first foot trimming session, Hansaraj was actively engaged, not shy and hesitant like many mahouts. Even though we did not share a common language, his eyes said it all. I loved him immediately. Always one to join in when help was needed, Hansaraj participated in foot trimming, facility renovation, and construction of EAI's first chain-free corrals built in Asia. He was so proud of his elephant, Kirti Kali, when she transitioned to a life free of chains. Other mahouts were concerned since in the past, Kirti Kali had been aggressive. But Hansaraj had faith that with more physical freedom and autonomy, Kirti Kali would be a changed elephant. And she was. He could not have been prouder. Following Kirti Kali's death a few months ago, Hansaraj was assigned a different elephant. Quite tragically his life was cut short. He leaves behind his wife and 10-year-old daughter. My heart goes out to his family, friends, and all the elephants who came to know and love him.  
New 2020 Holiday Honor Card

Looking for a gift with no environmental impact that helps elephants?
Celebrate the animal lovers in your life with our delightful holiday honor card! It features the story of Sonton Kali and Sompa Kali, best friends who live together in a chain-free yard thanks to the efforts of EAI and our supporters. After decades in chains at a tourist lodge in Nepal, these gals are living their best life deciding how and where to spend their time with acres to roam and the freedom they deserve.
Make a one-time or monthly donation in your honoree's name. You can send the recipient his/her card by email, or we'll send you a printable pdf.

As always, we greatly appreciate your interest, commitment and help. You make our work for elephants possible. Thank you!
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