Celebrating Municipal Clerks
The League's May 2021 E-Muni
American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Information

NEU = Non-Entitlement Units > all cities, villages and towns under 50,000 in population.

"Treasury Releases Guidance on Distributing ARPA Funds to Communities under 50,000 in Population" is the latest on ARPA. Find it in the May 25 Capitol Buzz.

Wisconsin Non-Entitlement Units Allocation (Thanks to Carrie Nelson for calculating everyone's allotment.) DOR recommends you consider your calculation an estimate and wait for them to provide you with your exact allocation.

NOTE the additional caveats
  • Your municipality's allocation can be no more than 75% of your 2020 budget (Budget adopted in 2019 for calendar year 2020.)
  • The payment is made in two tranches. The State makes the first payment within 30 days of receiving ARPA dollars from the US Treasury for distribution to non-entitlement communities. The second payment is to be made no sooner than 12 months after the first payment.  

ARPA Plans Google Spreadsheet - see what other municipalities have planned and share your own plans.

Stay tuned to League newsletters and check for updates on the League's U.S. Treasury Guidance page on our website.

Join us! Getting the Best R.O.I. on the Investment Made with The American Rescue Plan Act Fund Entrusted to Local Elected Officials
By the League, UW Systems, Wisconsin Counties & Wisconsin Towns Associations
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Celebrate Municipal Clerks! May 2–8, 2021 was the 52nd Professional Clerks Week and the League is celebrating with the May The Municipality magazine. 

The League was thankful to partner with the Wisconsin Municipal Clerks Association (WMCA) on a magazine cover contest. Congratulations to Tina Wallace, WCMC, Deputy City Clerk, City of Oconomowoc whose image was chosen for the magazine cover. 

You can like, comment and share all of the entries in the League’s special Clerk's Week Facebook Album.

Thank you to everyone who entered and to all Wisconsin Clerks!
A Day in the Life

Have you read Joye Eichten's narrative about a day in the life as Clerk of the Village of Granton, population 255? Diane Coenen, the City of Oconomowoc wrote about her Day in the Life as a Clerk of a larger community.

The Vital Role of Clerks

Todd Novak is both the Mayor of Dodgeville and a State Representative. He understands the vital role clerks play in communities. As a former Clerk, Senator Kathy Bernier knows that the Clerk is the key to a community. Thanks to both for writing an article.

Read the magazine online.
The Latest Legislative News

May 25 - Latest Treasury Guidance on ARPA
May 24 - JFC Action on Housing Grants and Homelessness
May 17 - More information on ARPA
May 10 - ARPA Guidance Released

It's not too late!
Did your municipality adopt the Shared Revenue Resolution?
See the ever-growing list of municipalities that have taken action!
Did we miss you? Contact Gail Sumi.
Municipal Services Proposal
Mark Rohloff, City Manager, City of Oshkosh
May, The Municipality, pg. 17

"A Comprehensive Municipal Services Agency (let’s call it a MUSA) could provide basic administrative services on a contract basis for member municipalities, including the following:

• Personnel policies • Budget policies • Planning and zoning regulations
• Capital planning • Strategic planning • Performance management
• Process improvement • Economic development/TIF policies
• Grant writing • State reports • Policy analysis • RFPs for services/joint bidding
• Training • Administration of Elections

Rather than creating a complex intergovernmental agreement, each city or village could select services from a MUSA on an à la carte basis.

The League board has made the funding and creation of a MUSA part of its 2021-22 Legislative Agenda. CESAs are authorized by state statute, and it would take similar legislative action to create a MUSA. In the interest of better government, resource sharing, and improved service, cities and villages could make a strong case that this is the type of intergovernmental cooperation that Wisconsin needs to compete with neighboring states."
The 7 Deadly Sins of Public Finance
Liz Farmer, Journalist & Research Fellow, Rockefeller Institute of Government
May, The Municipality, pg. 20

There’s no sure-fire way to get fiscal policy right. But there are a few simple ways to get it disastrously wrong. Read the article in the League's magazine or on Governing Magazine's website. Click here to like, comment or share the article from the League's Facebook page.
Opportunities for Collaboration in Fire, EMS Services in Ozaukee County
May, The Municipality, pg. 25

First Response: Addressing fire and emergency medical service challenges in Ozaukee County Read the full Report.
Brownies, Brains, and Information Habits, Part II
Eric Giordano, PhD, Executive Director, Wisconsin Institute for Public Policy and Service, University of Wisconsin System
May, The Municipality, pg. 29

"(S)ocial science research shows that people with deeply held convictions – irrespective of political ideology – often consume the same information yet come to opposite conclusions about what is true. Accessing shared facts, therefore, is not enough to change minds. But what if we could change our environment to reduce exposure to poor news sources and one-sided information and fundamentally change how we consume news?"

Read the article (PDF). All Conflict Management resources are posted here.
Creativity Leads the Way Beyond the Pandemic
Anne Katz, Executive Director, Arts Wisconsin
May, The Municipality, pg. 26

Read the article starting on page 26 for a list of "ways to help your city or village come back and thrive as we emerge into a new world" thanks to Anne Katz of Arts Wisconsin.
Wisconsin’s 50-Year Commitment to Clean Air
Craig Czarnecki, Outreach Coordinator and Lindsay Haas, Communications and Outreach Specialist, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources’ Air Program
May, The Municipality, pg. 28

  • Current Wisconsin statewide air quality - The site includes an air quality mapping tool for the public to get up-to-date air quality information, report options and specific monitor information.
  • Download DNR's WisconsinAQM mobile app for Apple and Android devices. The app, available in the Google Play Store and the App Store, allows the public to receive air quality updates and easily view current air quality throughout the state from anywhere using their mobile device.
  • Review the Air Quality Trends happening in Wisconsin and read DNR’s annual report.
  • Sign up for newsletters and notifications - The DNR uses GovDelivery to help us more efficiently manage our communications and offer more subscription options to our customers.
  • Air Quality Notices for all counties in Wisconsin.
  • Air Quality Notices for individual counties in Wisconsin.
  • Air News is a newsletter that updates you on state and federal air quality issues.
So You’ve Been Elected...
The League’s new booklet for newly elected officials has been described as
“Pithy yet entertaining and very insightful.”

Two free copies have been mailed to each League member municipality.
The NEW Basic Financial Administration for Wisconsin Local Governments provides you with practical day-to-day instructions on managing local government finance. This new handbook was a joint effort by the League, the Wisconsin Towns Association, the Local Government Education Program of the University of Wisconsin Extension and the Wisconsin Dept. of Revenue. Order your copy.
Legal Articles
The Role of the Municipal Clerk
Claire Silverman, Legal Counsel, League of Wisconsin Municipalities
May, The Municipality, pg. 32

Officers 772 R Legal comment provides basic overview of the municipal clerk’s duties and the important role played by the municipal clerk. Read the article. (PDF)
Consider Nontraditional Staffing Models
Mike Earl, Senior Vice President, GovHR/GovTemps
May, The Municipality, pg. 34

There are many reasons why communities are employing nontraditional staffing models – cost savings, scheduling flexibility, the need for specialized expertise, and time savings. Mike's article provides examples of how nontraditional staffing may be applied in your municipality. Read the article. (PDF)
WEDC has updated their employer guidelines and resources. Hmong and Spanish language information is included.

VaccineFinder.org (a tool through the CDC) has additional features for finding vaccines, including information on:
  • Vaccine type at each location (e.g., for 16-17 year olds who can currently only receive Pfizer) 
  • Whether the vaccine is in stock and available
  • Days and hours of clinics 

If you or your networks linked to or embedded the DHSMap of Vaccine Providers on your website, this page is being retired and any links/pages will need to be updated to VaccineFinder.org. Please share this new resource with your networks. 

  • Register for the DHS weekly newsletter
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