July 25, 2022
“All that was great in the past was ridiculed, condemned, combated, suppressed — only to emerge all the more powerfully, all the more triumphantly from the struggle” — Nikola Tesla
July 25 - July 31
Who/What are you celebrating this week?

The right shade of lipstick can do wonders for brightening our days, so pick your favorites and make your mark on National Lipstick Day. Both the savory and sweet sides of cheese are celebrated on National Wine and Cheese Day and National Cheesecake Day, and the last day of the month is our favorite wizard’s birthday — Harry Potter!

Take a step on the path that leads to the summit. Don’t hit a home run. Make contact with the ball. Find a way to prepare for a big challenge by succeeding on something small that gets the ball rolling.

Let's focus on COLLABORATION this week? What can YOU do? I'd love to get your feedback! My mission is to educate, motivate, and encourage.
Monday, July 25 - Donna Pescow
One of the most basic, yet classic food-and-drink pairings is wine and cheese.

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Grab some wine and cheese and join me as I celebrate Donna Pescow at 7PM Monday night. Donna is a film and television actress and director. She is known for her roles as Annette in the 1977 film Saturday Night Fever, Angie Falco Benson in the 1980s sitcom Angie, Donna Garland in the sitcom Out of This World and Eileen Stevens in the Disney Channel sitcom Even Stevens.

Wednesday, July 27 - Tricia Brouk
Today we celebrate the bagpipes! The instruments have long been associated with the Scottish Highlands, although they have come from many different places, and there are many variations of them. They have also been used in many different contexts.
We also celebrate Tricia Brouk!
Tricia is an international award winning director. She has received the Empowered Woman of 2021 award from the International Association of Top Professionals. She has worked in theater, film and television for over three decades. In addition to her work in the entertainment industry, she has applied her unique expertise to the art of public speaking. She is the Executive Producer of Speakers Who Dare, and the former Executive Producer of TEDxLincolnSquare in New York City.
The Influential Voice: Saying What You Mean for Lasting Legacy
A compilation of stories, personal and historical, that remind us of the power of our voice—along with practical techniques for how to use your voice, on stage and off, in a way that will be the most effective.
Friday, July 29 - National Lipstick Day
Every girl's (and some guys!) go-to makeup item and the power of a set of stained lips is celebrated on National Lipstick Day on July 29.
Splurge on the high-end crimson lipstick you’ve been eyeing this July 29, National Lipstick Day! Lipstick has likely been around for thousands of years, made out of an insane array of items, from gemstones to crushed bugs. It has also come to symbolize so many things for women particularly through the eras, and still is an important part for many makeup routines today. It’s no wonder that it’s so common to hear the phrase “I feel like I’m naked without my lipstick!” And wait to you see who is celebrating with us!
Sunday, July 31 - Charlo Crossley
Pack your wand and hop on your broomstick! I promise a magical night!

Charlotte Crossley, nicknamed "Charlo", is a singer and actress, best known for her roles in the musical theatrical productions of Hairspray, The Color Purple, Jesus Christ Superstar, as a member of the Harlettes in Bette Midler's Clams On The Half-Shell Revue, and for her appearance in 20 Feet from Stardom

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John received national attention when Judy Garland sang his songs on The Tonight Show just a few months before she died.
Before connecting with Judy, John wrote special comedy material for Lily Tomlin, Linda Lavin, and Eartha Kitt. His comedy number about a girl who fell in love with Mr. Clean attracted the attention of a famous
ad agency, BBD&O, and he was offered a high-paying copywriter’s position.
But, after a few weeks, John, feeling stifled, left the agency to make his way as a pianist, playing the songs he’d always loved -in clubs, at resorts, on the QE2 and even on a luxury train like the Orient Express.
As a writer, collaborating with director Paul Bartel, John wrote the screenplay for a movie, Not For Publication and also the script for an episode of Steven Spielberg’s Amazing Stories; he also provided the musical scores for each of these with orchestrator Larry Hochman.
With co-producer Bobbie Horowitz, John traveled to London to produce his own, film-noir satirical musical, The Betrayal of Nora Blake. “Funniest show of the year” said the reviewers.

Being on Richard Skipper Celebrates was the equivalent of consuming entertainment comfort food! I felt totally ease talking about myself—not my favorite subject—and the time zoomed by. Thanks Richard!
Alan K. Rode,  www.alankrode.com


In this feature I look back at an interview from one year ago this week to see where we were as we move forward.
I celebrated the Reunion of the 1982 & 83 Tours of Hello, Dolly! Starring Carol Channing! This was part Two of a series and this time we focused on the chorus members and their memories.
In early Summer of 1982, Carol Channing would embark on a tour of the United States with HELLO, DOLLY! ; the Production would tour until closing at the Blaisdell Auditorium in Honolulu in early September, 1983. With this production, Carol and DOLLY would triumphantly play 28 cities across the U.S.

Thanks to you, Richard, I had a great time talking about "Hello, Dolly" national tour for 1982 with Carol Channing. I was especially happy to hear that the Chorus would be included in another iteration as they were so important to the success of the show and Gower Champion's vision. I was grateful, too, to hear Patrick Quinn mentioned. He was such a great talent and contributor to all of us in his work at Actors Equity, first as President and then his brief stint as Exec. Director. I miss his Cornelius, his wit and his incredible warmth. And I miss the rest of that wonderful company, including the irrepressible Carol.
John Gallogly

Richard - It was such a thrill to get to reunite with so many of my beloved HELLO, DOLLY! family. Doing the show with Carol Channing and the amazing group of performers assembled for that 1982-83 touring production was, and still is, a highlight of my life! Thank you for giving us the platform to come together and celebrate the joy of that experience. Love - Kevin Ligon

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