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June is National Safety Month ( we are excited to celebrate. In this month's newsletter we celebrate National Safety Month with article by ALOA on why choosing a Professional Locksmith is important plus an article by Security Today News on t he benefits of Integrated Security. Both articles provide insight on how to maximize your security. As always, we are help with your security solutions.
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The Benefits of Integrated Security vs. Physical Security Guards
Security comes in all shapes and sizes—sometimes literally. Determining what type of security system you should implement depends on multiple factors, including your location, industry, staff size, and more. Not to mention that the two can sometimes be like apples and oranges, serving entirely different functions depending on the need.

So how do you compare benefits of physical security guards versus a fully-integrated system? Let’s start with security guards.

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Why Use A Professional Locksmith?
Pick up any newspaper with an article about public concerns and the subject of crime usually tops the list. It's surprising that homeowners and building contractors often don't use the services of a professional locksmith to analyze security needs for their properties.

For example, the most common practice in new home construction is to piecemeal the security precautions-using one company to set up an alarm system, an electrician to hook up outdoor lighting for crime prevention, and carpenters perhaps to install low--grade locks and door hardware almost as an afterthought. Often critical options such as door frame structure, door reinforcement or floor safes aren't even thought of in time to incorporate those into the original building process.

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