Tip #1: Use Zoom polling as an Alternative to iClickers

The built-in poling feature in Zoom allows you to create polling questions for your synchronous Zoom sessions. Additionally, you can share the results instantaneously or retrieve the results at a later time.

Tip #2: Use Blackboard Ally to Provide Documents in Multiple Formats

Blackboard Ally is more than just a checker for your documents’ accessibility. When you provide an accessible version of your document through your Blackboard course, students then have the option to download the same document in an other formats directly from your course. For example, if you provide a document in Microsoft Word, Blackboard Ally will automatically provide the document for download as a PDF, as an HTML website document, ePub, and even braille, audio, and translated to other languages as well!

Tip #3: Use Kaltura to Caption Your Videos

When you upload video for streaming through Cal Poly Pomona’s Kaltura server, your video will automatically be closed captioned using machine artificial intelligence. You can then go into your Kaltura media and edit the captions wherever the captions were not accurate. In addition to closed captions, Kaltura will also generate a transcript of your video that can be followed as the video plays. Viewers can click any word on the transcript and the video will jump to that location.