May 2019
Spring provides plenty of things to celebrate—we're especially proud of our latest graduates and their supporters, who helped make these milestones possible.
Jane Starts Her Culinary Career
Jane completed her Hotel Management and Catering degree and has accepted a position at a popular tourist hotel in Kampala, where she’ll delight visitors with her culinary creations. We’re grateful to our Hand Up Fund supporters for making her dream a reality. More
Party With a Purpose
Why not turn your party into a Social FUNdraising event that can help pave an educational path for a bright student? We’re making it easier and more fun than ever to customize an event that can change a life. It only takes one great idea to make a world of difference. Link
Share The Love Update
This year’s Share the Love Hand Up campaign has been a success and continues to support students seeking university and trade school educations. Your collective donations help OHU to provide scholarships to our oldest students and ensure consistent coverage for some of our younger students, too. Help us spread the word and grow our network. Link
Moreen Starts School

The initiative and hard work of February’s bake sale has resulted in funding a young scholar, Moreen, to attend a secretarial business school in Kampala. We first met Moreen in a kitchen in Lwamata – what a tasty turn of events. More
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Matching Contributions
Please consider maximizing your donation by having your company match your contribution. Our EIN is 475262711
Be A Part of One Heart
Committee Leads and Volunteers are needed to help with fundraising, program administration, event planning, sponsor communication, community building and care packages. Even the littlest bit of help can make a big difference. If you’re interested in getting more involved in One Heart Uganda, please reach out: