February 2017 Newsletter
In this Newsletter, get the latest on what's happening through the Battle for the Heart process and exciting staffing news for Wellspring Group. Join us in celebration of God's provision and hear about upcoming events happening near you!
For the first time in 13 years of ministry, we actually led 4 events in a row – a Battle for Men’s Hearts, a Battle for Women’s Hearts, a Battle for Your Marriage and a Battle for Your Domain. This demanding schedule came during a difficult season of my life personally. Yet God’s glory most shines in the midst of our brokenness and pain!  In these events I and our ministry teams experienced an unusually strong sense of God’s anointing, love and grace. We continue to see amazing breakthroughs in the lives of participants.  I am humbled to be part of the beautiful teams of men and women who made these events possible. We will share just a few testimonies from these events.
 Battle for Women's Hearts Testimonies

This has been potentially the most impactful event I have ever been to. I have the knowledge now on how to enter the war and I feel like this process will allow me to engage the battle for a lifetime.

This experience has restored my hope, given me courage to re-enter my marriage and motherhood with new purpose, new eyes, and new strength.

Battle for Men's Hearts Testimonies

I sense that my Battle experience will unlock so much of the previous training in discipleship I've received and give our church the tools we need to fulfill our mission and calling. - Pastor of Community Development

I've gotten a  jump start to a long journey that I have needed to start for some time.

The BMH has re-energized me to put aside trials and look for what God is doing.

Battle for Your Domain Testimonies

I have been given affirmation that this journey is worth it. I feel less alone, more empowered and energetic to love the men of my fellowship.

I experienced an unexpected depth in the place of learning a tool-set and skill-set. As we grew in the engagement process, I felt my heart reach a depth of healing I didn't realize I needed. 

The Battle for Your Marriage ended victoriously as God did an amazing work in the lives of twenty-nine couples. God's gracious anointing sustained Larry and Karen Crowe as they led the event and the facilitators as they led their teams. All the couples faced challenges, as they courageously examined their Dance of Fear and Pride, but all finished well, some with amazing breakthroughs. 

Please continue to pray for these couples as they move into the 8-week Team Equipping process; the work they are doing has the potential to affect children, families, and churches for generations to come.

  "This event was an opportunity to embrace and set aside fears and led us to be able to identify our unnamed obstacles that were blocking our efforts to know and love each other more fully. It was an invaluable experience!"
  "This weekend has been a detonating expedition into a mine of diamonds two lifetimes deep. The provisions enriched.  The training equipped. The company sustained. And, the treasure of precious relational gems unearthed has stunned us... and driven us back for more"
"This weekend I saw how fear and pride has hindered my relationship with God as well as my wife. Being vulnerable with my team allowed God to speak to me as I engaged in my brokenness.As a result,  I left the event more surrendered to God and intimate with my wife."
  Are you interested in experiencing the Battle for Your Marriage?

Begin thinking now about whether you would like to start forming a team for the September 2018 BYM event. The BYM is open to husbands and wives who have both completed the individual Battle process; teams of 3-4 couples battle together.

Contact Abby Mandella for more information on how to register or how to recruit a team.

As we continue to pray for God to broaden the transformational impact of the Battle for Your Heart we are seeking ways to make the process more accessible to a larger number of people.  As part of that process we have hired David Lively as a consultant to revise the BYH follow through from 32 weeks to 26 or 27.  This will give teams a greater potential to finish within a ten month period. David is a long-time friend and pioneer of the Battle for Your Heart on the mission field.   David is also taking a significant role in equipping our BMH follow through facilitators.

As a volunteer dependent ministry, we highly value investing in our retreat facilitators and those who lead their teams in the follow through process. For several years Dana Smith from Oak Mountain Presbyterian Church in Birmingham has been involved with OMPC and WG as a women’s speaker and facilitator and has equipped facilitators leading teams in the follow through process.It has been a delight getting to know Dana and her husband, Greg who is also significantly involved with OMPC and WG as a speaker and facilitator.  We are pleased to announce that Dana is joining our staff as our Women’s Equipping Coordinator!  She and Anisa Sumlar will be responsible for overseeing our growing women’s track.

We are rejoicing at the increasing numbers of people living from their whole hearts in authentic, life changing biblical community.  Thank you for playing your part in God’s Larger, Eternal Love Story.

David Lively
  David’s first connection with Wellspring Group was over 10 years ago while serving as a missionary in Bosnia. After meeting Larry, David invited him to hold a Battle for Men’s Hearts for Bosnian pastors (in Bosnia!).  Though David thought the BMH would be beneficial for the pastors, he quickly found it was also about him and his heart.  He experienced Christ in a powerful, transformative way that revamped his understanding of what it means to be a man in God’s eyes.  Because of the change in his own life and the strong desire for others to experience the same, David is looking forward to seeing that desire fulfilled by playing his part on the Wellspring Team.
Dana Smith
  Dana embarked on her Battle for the Heart journey back in 2012 only after seeing the impact it had on her husband Greg’s life and his ability to engage their 3 then teenage children. Through her Battle for the Heart experience, Dana is moving from shame to power, especially in her assignment as a mom and is passionate about helping women feel empowered, equipped and at ease as they walk together in becoming who they were created to be. Since 2013, Dana has actively been involved with Wellspring as facilitator and speaker at the BWH and BYD retreats and is actively serving as a cohort coach for facilitators that are leading their groups in the follow through process.  Dana is excited to come on staff and play her unique part in what God is doing in and through Wellspring Group
  We are incredibly grateful for God’s provision as we finished out 2016. It is not uncommon for a large percentage of our gifts to come during the last quarter of the year but this year we were surprised to see 51% of our total contributions arrived in the last 10 days.  We are humbled by God’s goodness as we reached 90% of our 2016 goal and were able to replenish our reserve fund. Celebrate his faithfulness with us! 

  Please continue to pray with us as we trust the Lord for his purposes and provision in 2017 and  seek to raise additional capital to fund new staff positions. Thank you for all the ways you partner with us in the dream God has given us.     
Wellspring Group is excited to offer a free, interactive, two hour 
Battle For the Heart Introductory Event that gives participants the opportunity to discover the battle that is raging for their hearts, experience a taste of the battle for their whole hearts and hear from Battle alumni as they share the impact the Battle for the Heart process has had on their personal stories.

This is a great way to introduce individuals, couples and potential groups of men and women to the Battle for the Heart.

2017 Battle for Your Heart Events

Battle for the Heart Intro Event

March 26, 2017 - Fellowship Bible Church -Roswell, GA

   Men's Events

(Partner Event)
August  10-13 2017 - Columbiana, AL
Register by May 1, 2017
  Contact Anisa for more info

(Wellspring Event)
September 14-17 2017 - Columbiana, AL  
Register by June 1, 2017           
Contact Anisa for more info

  Women's Event

August 24-27, 2017 - Columbiana, AL
Register by May 15th, 2017
Contact Anisa for more info

2017 Battle for Your Domain Events       

Sept. 29 - Oct. 1, 2017 - Columbiana, AL
Register by June15, 2017
Contact Anisa for more info

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