July 2018

ACC News
ACC Expands Board of Trustees
ACC Welcomes New Trustees Kazuko Aso, Tonia Hsu, YiLing Mao, Charles Rockefeller, and Mercedes Zobel.

PintĂ´kyo: Philippine Contemporary Art in Tokyo

Group 33 Celebrates Retiring Dancer Su-Chun Wu
In April, ACC Taipei hosted a retirement celebration for Su-Chun Wu (Dance, 2010).
ACC Grantee Highlights
ACC & ADF: 30 Years of Modern Dance in China
"Why Do They Fall Down? The Story of Modern Dance in China."

Yuanyuan Yang: "The Past Is Not Even Past"
"Less than two months since I arrived in the U.S., I have had all kinds of amazing encounters..."
Alumni Events Around the World
Our grantees are involved in projects, performances and exhibitions taking place around the world. See the exciting things they are doing!
The mission of the Asian Cultural Council is to advance international dialogue, understanding, and respect through cultural exchanges that nurture the talents of individual artists and scholars in Asia and the United States.
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