So Long, Singapore!

We had a great turnout in Singapore, where we connected with over 150 ICANN 52 attendees! We met some fabulous fellows who we hope to see in Buenos Aires. We also reconnected with long-time conference-goers who had great advice for newer members of our team.

Speaking of which, we've added a full-time member to our team, Jackie Treiber. With one conference under her belt, she (with Jonah's tremendous help) is now focused on developing more content for ICANNWiki through community and user engagement. Stop by in Buenos Aires and say hello!

 We've also added a page on Singapore 52 with highlights of the conference. We're a small crew dedicated to making this page's content as robust and thorough as possible, but we can't do it alone. 

As a part of the ICANNWiki community you have tremendous influence over an indispensable resource. Your knowledge, expertise and experience can help build education around all matters related to ICANN and Internet governance. Whatever your level of involvement, we want your contribution. The more people who write and edit, the better! Read more on how to get started below.

Monumental News--Our 100,000 Edit
This February, we celebrated our 100,000th edit since our reboot in January 2011!

Your Voice, Your Internet

To our newcomers at ICANNWiki, let us show you the ropes! In the coming weeks, you will receive an email from Jonah, Jackie or Vivian regarding your new ICANNWiki page (and caricature). FYI: We will be able to print your caricature for your badge at ICANN 53 in Buenos Aires or at the next ICANN meeting that you attend. Look for our booth there!

Discover what makes ICW a vital source of information by reading the article on ICANNWiki and our wiki values. We'd love it if you contributed content and information to the project, as anyone can edit any article on the site.

Once you feel acquainted, join our team of over 4,000 contributors and learn our wiki world! Your first step can be found in our Community Portal. Here you can request your user name (if you haven't received it from us yet), learn the mechanics of crafting a great wiki article with a Neutral Point of View, and much more.


Jonah, Vivian, Ray and Jackie (The ICANNWiki team)
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