Celebrating Our 30th Anniversary

Celebrating Our 30th Anniversary!


Around this time of year in 1984, Cedarwood Landscaping was formed on what amounted to be something even smaller than a shoe string budget.  At the time I was a student in the Agricultural Program at County College of Morris.  One day, hungry for a hot dog, I found myself short one penny needed to buy one.  Needless to say, my foolish pride was too great to ask someone for a penny and even though I was working multiple jobs and making beer money, I decided right then I better get serious about doing something with my life.  I certainly did not want to starve!


My love of the outdoors and personal satisfaction from working within the landscape allowed me the opportunity to run with the idea of creating my own business.  This business, from the very beginning, was based on providing the best possible customer service while at the same time offering a creative product that would bring enjoyment to people.


Now, after many years of being surrounding with a dedicated staff and having the opportunity to work with some of the best customers anyone could hope for, we are celebrating our 30th year in business.  I am not going to say it has been easy but it certainly has been enjoyable.  Especially rewarding to me is driving around our local area and seeing plant material that was installed by us, which is now quite mature, beautiful and thriving in its environment.  It is very satisfying to know that I had a hand in procuring and planting a living organism that only gets better with time.  Additionally, I have also enjoyed learning and perfecting many other aspects of landscaping such as designing and installing hardscapes, water and fire features, outdoor lighting and irrigation systems, etc. so that Cedarwood Landscaping has become a true one stop shop.


So I am thankful for the opportunity that all of our clients have afforded myself and my team, and look forward to working with you over the next 30 years!  Because of you, we have had a chance to do what we love as well as eat the occasional hot dog.




J. Scott Mortensen, APLD

First Truck and Equipment! 


First Shop!



Beautiful Spring Blooming Tree Options


Cercis canadensis 'Forest Pansy' (Eastern Redbud) signifies the start of spring!  Loaded with clusters of pink-purple flowers along the stems, this spectacular spring bloomer grows to 25-30' in height with a spread of 25-35'.  Thriving in moist, well drained soils, 'Forest Pansy' redbuds offer smooth, maroon colored, heart shaped leaves that are between 3-5" across and turn an attractive yellow during the autumn.



Cornus florida 'Rutgers hybrid(s)' (Flowering Dogwood) is a spectacular collection of hybrid dogwood trees developed by Rutgers University.  A cross between Cornus Kousa and Cornus florida, these vigorous, upright growing trees were bred to withstand the insects and diseases that the American dogwood has become susceptible to.  Loaded with white or pink flowers in May, these hybrids are sterile, produce no fruit and have excellent red fall foliage.  


Magnolia stellata, commonly known as the star magnolia, is a spring flowering, small deciduous tree with mature height of 15-20' and spread of

10-15' wide.  Often grown as a large, multi-stemmed, oval-shaped shrub, the star magnolia is tolerant of clay soils, part or full sun and offers early, fragrant, ivory star-shapped flowers.  Noted for its compact size, star magnolia is a wonderful addition to your spring landscape. 



Magnolia x soulangiana, commonly known as saucer magnolia is considered a small, deciduous multi-stemmed tree with a mature height and width of 15-25'.  Tolerant of clay soils, this tree also thrives in organically rich, well drained soils. Planted in full sun or part shade, this popular magnolia tree provides generational memories under the early spring, fragrant blossoms of pink with white interiors before foliage emergence.   


Styrax japonica commonly known as Japanese Snowbell is a lovely small tree and excellent choice near a patio, shrub border or even in the lawn where the petite blossoms can be appreciated.  Lightly scented, small white, pendulous flowers blossom in May/June and gray, pendulous drupes dangle in the late summer.  Usually sold in a multi-stemmed habit, this classic can reach a mature height and width of 20-25'.  The tan colored, exfoliating bark provides year round interest and is a spectacular addition to any landscape.  


Cornus Kousa, commonly known as 'kousa' dogwood, is a deciduous, multi-stemmed tree that has a mature height and width of 15-30' and a vase-like habit.  Its summertime fruit resembles pendulous raspberries that birds love and colorful autumn foliage in shades of burgundy, orange and yellow.  Wintertime highlights the exfoliating bark that reveals shades of green, tan, and brown.  This versatile tree can be used as a specimen, in clusters, woodland gardens or shrub borders. 


Flavio, Pete & Scott are happy to be planting a Cornus kousa tree! 


Amelanchier canadensis, also known as 'Shadblow serviceberry', is a small multi-stemmed tree, with an upright growth habit reaching 25-30' tall and 15-20'wide.  An abundance of small, lightly fragranced white flowers cover the tree in the early spring and develop into showy red berries that turn dark purple in the summer for the birds the birds to enjoy.  Tolerant of many soil conditions, this versatile tree graces the landscape with outstanding fall foliage.   



Syringa reticulate, commonly known as 'tree lilac',  is a deciduous, small, spring flowering tree with a mature height of 20-30' and a spread of 15-20'.  Showy, creamy white, fragrant flowers develop on panicles up to 1' long in late spring attracting hummingbirds and butterflies.  Blooming best in full sun and well-drained soil, this tree tolerates light shade, clay soil and deer as well as urban conditions.  Young trees display redish-brown exfoliating bark, gradually turning gray with age.  Planted as a specimen, street lining tree or around decks and patios, this tree will be appreciated for its beauty, blossoms and uniqueness!  

Stewartia pseudocamilla, commonly known as Japanese stewartia, is a narrow, slow-growing, pyramidal, deciduous tree, reaching a mature height of 25-35' and a spread of 10-15'.   Growing best in moist, well-drained soils and in full sun to part shade, this tree is available in single and multi-stemmed branching habits.  Stewartia is often used as a large shrub or accent tree and produces an abundance of daisy like flowers from June to July.  The smaller leaves, green during the warm season, turn a burgundy bronze in the fall.  With maturity, the creamy bark exfoliates to reveal reddish-brown providing great winter interest.  

PS... We offer a wide range of energy efficient LED Low Voltage Lighting options, to highlight your newly planted tree(s) and also to provide added beauty and security to your home! 


"Did you know ... ?"


As we begin to 'launch' into spring, we are going to try and beat some of you to the punch!  Every now and then we are told, even by long term customers, "I wish I knew that Cedarwood did that!"


We are a pretty soft spoken company and try our best not to brag, but feel it is our duty to let you know about some of the great services we already offer.  So, in hopes of providing you with better customer service, here goes:


- Award winning landscape designs from start to finish, which allows you to map out an efficient plan to meet your needs.


- The procurement, installation, and maintenance of the finest plant material anywhere.  Beautiful plantings will make you happy!


- We offer FULL landscape construction including:  any type of wall, walk, or patio, as well as paving stone and asphalt driveways.  We also offer all types of fencing, arbors, pergolas and decks.  In short, we create beautiful outdoor spaces which are both practical and attractive.


- Efficient LED low voltage lighting, to provide added beauty and security to your home.


- Installation of outdoor fire pits and fireplaces, from 'off the shelf' to custom.  We will even provide you with a free bag of marshmallows.


- Design and installation of outdoor water features, from simple 'off the shelf' items to custom ponds and water falls.  Let the soothing sounds of water provide relaxation from a stressful day.


- Water management systems, including rainwater harvesting and all types of drainage work.  Keep your home dry!


- We can help design and install irrigation systems.  This includes water management which helps to control costs and properly maintains plants.


- Power washing of walks, driveways and decks.


- Event staging:  We will gladly help set-up and clean-up for any type of outdoor event.  This includes last minute preparations to help lessen your stress and allow you to have more fun!


- We have a fantastic list of associated contractors which can help you with almost all phases of your property.  From interior designers, builders, roofing and window experts, painters, electricians, architects and even attorneys.  You can trust that if we refer them to you, they will provide the same level of service that you have come to expect from Cedarwood.


Finally, we continue to offer a referral discount, which allows you to receive a discount for referring a friend, family member or neighbor to Cedarwood Landscaping. The only requirement is that the person who you refer us to must be nice!  We make a lot of exceptions, but not this one (although an occasional bad day is allowed).


If you have any questions or comments, or are interested in any of the above listed projects please contact us as soon as possible so that we have the best opportunity to get to your project as soon as possible.  As always, thank you for your continued patronage!



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