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May 2014 - In This Issue:

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INspiring stories from our INnovative INstructors


Thank you to all of our HSFPP community members who submitted their stories in response to our April Newsletter! Your creativity and dedication to your students inspired us.


This month we wanted to share three of the stories from our many amazing "IN" users to share the INspiration. Would you like to be featured in next month's newsletter?  Share your INnovative or INspirational story!

Connie Lambert, Teacher

Alcorn Central High School, Glen, Mississippi


"My students completed the activities from NEFE, and then participated in a budgeting simulation 'Reality Check.' Participants were given a hypothetical family situation with a monthly income and were then required to make spending decisions related to housing, transportation, groceries, clothing, medical care, entertainment, savings and other expenses.  If an individual ran out of money, he/she would have to choose less expensive options or get a second job."


Marc Renta, Teacher
Yokota High School (Department of Defense), Yokota Air Base, Japan


"For the third quarter, we used the HSFPP in conjunction with the USA Federal Credit Union (on base) to instruct/empower our students in areas such as budgeting, check-writing, and setting life-skills S.M.A.R.T. goals. We are following it up in the 4th quarter with the students researching the NEFE website and having them (the students) teach specific areas from the seven units; this is in line with 21st Century Learning where the teacher (me) is more of a facilitator, and the students are learning by teaching their peers with (my) supervision. 


"It's been an amazing experience and has had the great 'side effect' of implementing differentiated instruction-learning practices. Students have taught using PowerPoint presentations, poster contests, using the Monopoly Board game (as an activity). Finally, we had the students develop a financial presentation rubric which is being used as an exemplar for an upcoming 2014-2015 AdvancED exemplar in October 2014." 


Lynne McCollister
Clay-Chalkville High School, Pinson, Alabama


"Parents have requested that I share any 'spare' materials because they recognize the information. This tells me that there is a need to educate the students and community."
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  • Started: Just got started learning basic terms and concepts
  • Practicing: Was guided to practice a few of the fundamental procedures and strategies
  • Applied: Successfully applied what was learned to real-world situations.  


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