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New Member Q&A: Right Way Energy Group
I recently had a chat with Mark Rebb, President, Right Way Energy Group:

So Mark, tell me a little bit about yourself and Right Way.
Most of my career had been in corporate telecom providing global communication solutions and networking until 9-11. Thereafter, wanting to give back I worked at the American Red Cross Blood Services for 5 years recruiting donors running blood drives and doing promotions. Frankly, we got into the solar business because of the high electric bills. CT pays the highest rate in the U.S. My home was our first install, and our Eversource bill is less than $10 a month.

What’s different about how Right Way Energy Group operates?
We approach each customer, whether a home or business as a consulting project. To us, that means acting as a customer advocate, and first identifying what they truly need. A large part of that is education as there has been much misunderstanding regarding SOLAR in CT. In fact, most businesses don’t know that if you are in Waterbury, you can receive a 40% federal Investment Tax Credit, and all nonprofits can actually now claim the solar Investment Tax Credit. Next, we find the best possible solution whether roof or ground mount. Over the years, we’ve become an independent solar broker finding the right solar panels and installer at the best
possible price whether a solar loan, lease, or cash.

Additionally, we incorporate a thorough roof inspection to ensure that the roof has enough remaining useful life. Often one can incorporate a new roof installation with solar for no money out of pocket.

Lastly, each installation receives a free Home Energy Solutions audit. This comprehensive home service includes air sealing, blower door test, LED light bulbs, and more reducing energy consumption.

Tell us about the review process for solar?
The process is actually quite simple. With a copy of your current Eversource bill, we can determine how much you use, the suitability of the building, and or property, and provide the best solution. This can all be done within a week and installations for homeowners typically take around 60 days.

If you were to leave one thought with our members, what would that be?
We joined the chamber to be more involved members of the community and help serve others. Please contact us to learn the facts about solar and see how your home or your business may benefit at 747- RIGHT WAY, 747-744-4892.
New Member Q&A: The Leadership University
Tell us a little about yourself.
My name is Anthony Ireland. I was born and raised in Waterbury, Connecticut, graduated from Crosby High School and then went on to receive a full Division 1 scholarship at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California. I then went on to play professionally in Europe in countries such as France, Greece, Poland, Lithuania, Portugal & Russia. With that said, I am currently a new member of the Waterbury Regional Chamber and super excited to get familiar with everything, meet new people, and learn new things.

The Leadership University is a non profit organization founded in Waterbury, CT and our mission is; through the enhancement of body, mind, and spirit, enable our youth to develop the life and leadership skills necessary to assume future leadership roles in the community. This is our entity that captures the entire individual, a holistic approach. Our plan is to be a resource to our community through various mentorship and outreach programs. As well as speaking engagements.

Our other entity, the AI 3 Leadership Academy, which was founded in 2015 is our outlet to the community through athletics, and sports. We have successfully organized overnight camps, day camps, clinics, group and individual trainings, as well as yoga and gardening events. Waterbury is a sports dominated area and we want to be able to nurture and cultivate more successful students athletes. The Leadership Academy focuses on youth development and community leadership, while emphasizing the opportunities that discipline, hard work, and passion can develop. Children will learn the importance of working together, supporting one another and developing positive characteristics while doing something that they love.

Do you have any upcoming events?
Yes, in the early part of the summer (June 19th-23rd : ages 9-16) we will be hosting our 8th Annual Skills Academy at Crosby High School. This 5 day camp focuses on team building, strength and conditioning, competitiveness, and various basketball skills such as shooting, ball handling, rebounding, passing, etc. Former local stars such as Mustapha Heron and Damian Saunders all play a role during our annual event.

For more information about AI3 Leadership Academy, visit: www.ai3leadershipacademy.com
Breaking the Bank and the Funny Bone: How Employee Injuries Can Cost You More than Just Laughter
by Tracey Blackman of Floor Friction
Did you know that slip and falls are the number one reason for worker's compensation claims? And, when an employee gets injured, it can actually cost your business a lot of money. It's not just about the pain and suffering of the employee, it can hit your bottom line too. Here are a few ways that employee injuries can affect your bottom line:

1.   Lost productivity - When an employee is injured, they may not be able to work for a while. This means that you're down one team member, which can impact productivity. Other employees may have to pick up the slack, or projects may have to be delayed until the injured employee is back on their feet. All of this can lead to lost productivity, and lost productivity means lost profits.

2.   Workers' compensation - If an employee is injured on the job, they're likely entitled to workers' compensation. This means that your business will have to cover the cost of their medical bills, any time they need to take off work, and potentially even long-term disability payments. These costs can add up quickly and can be a real hit to your business's finances.

3.   Overtime and temporary staff - If an injured employee is out for an extended period of time, you may need to hire temporary staff to fill in for them. Or, if other employees are working extra hours to cover the injured employee's workload, you may need to pay out overtime. Either way, these costs can add up and impact your bottom line.

4.   Reduced morale - When an employee is injured, it can have a ripple effect on the rest of the team. Other employees may feel stressed or overwhelmed by the increased workload, and they may start to feel like your business doesn't care about their well-being. This can lead to reduced morale, which can impact productivity and ultimately, your bottom line.

So, as you can see, employee injuries can be costly for your business. While accidents can happen, it's important to take steps to prevent injuries in the workplace and to have a plan in place for how to handle injuries if they do occur. By taking care of your employees, you're also taking care of your business's finances!

Call Floor Friction (www.floorfriction.com) today at 203-649-8720 to test your floor safety and recommend remediation, so your employees stay safer, and so they stay working. 
Flawed Fingerprinting
by Research Services 4 Brothers LLC
The United States Department of Justice recommends utilizing consumer reporting agencies as a source to receive the most up-to-date and accurate information regarding criminal cases, as the FBI maintained system is missing an astonishing fifty percent of the final dispositions on their records. You may be asking yourself why does the FBI not have access to all records in real-time. The FBI system was created for the use of the government, then gradually allowed the use of their system for employment purposes. Not having the most up-to-date information on cases is a local and state-level issue. Believe it or not, it is entirely possible to commit a crime in one county of a state, and then commit a crime in another county, and the jurisdictions may not make the connection between the two through fingerprinting alone. This is due in part to privatized fingerprinting companies and a lack of connectivity between jurisdictions.

Not all cities connect with their state, and not all states connect with other states (including their surrounding states). An example of this, that only recently changed would be Houston, Texas. Houston is the largest city in Texas and the fourth largest in the country. Houston is located in Harris County, however previously Harris County and Houston had separate fingerprinting vendors and they were not sharing information universally. Another example of this lack of connectivity shines a light on how criminals can continue at the cost of public safety. Alabama had an unfortunate event of a robbery and homicide. They were able to successfully pull a print from the crime scene, however, they did not have connectivity to the FBI. This resulted in ten more fatalities from someone you may know as the “DC Sniper”. There were prints on file for this person in the immigration and naturalization database. Those deaths could have been avoided had they had the proper connection. There are an estimated 600 systems between federal, state, and local levels. Until the government enforces a cohesive connection between all three levels, it is imperative to use the aid of a consumer reporting agency.
About Research Services 4 Brothers, LLC
We are a PBSA accredited pre-screening company, providing FCRA compliant background checks. We provide a variety of services such as the National Criminal Index, Criminal and Federal reports, Driver history, Education and employment verifications, and many more. We provide these services to a variety of industries, ranging from healthcare to manufacturing. Our clients utilize our services for their employees, volunteers, and contractors. During our business hours you will always speak with an associate. We strive to provide accurate and transparent reports while adhering to local and federal reporting laws in a timely manner.
Events From Your Fellow Members
May 5-6: Open House at Quarry Walk in Oxford
Mother's Day Gift Card Special from adam broderick salon & spa
May 15: Ribbon Cutting for The Cottage at Main in Southbury
Join the Southbury Chamber on Monday, May 15 for a ribbon cutting at the Cottage on Main (540 Main Street South, Southbury) to mark their grand re-opening under new ownership. Stop by for mimosas, good, giveaways, a raffle, and much more!
May 20: National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) - Waterbury Benefit Walk
On Saturday, May 20, the Waterbury's affiliate the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) will hold a walkathon at Bushnell Park in Hartford. Monies raised during the event will enable the Connecticut affiliate to offer free support, education, and advocacy, along with research.

NAMI is a self-help, support, education, advocacy non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of all those affected by serious mental illness. This includes individuals diagnosed with a mental illness, their family members, relatives and friends.

If you would like to make a donation, mail a check made payable to NAMI and send to: NAMI Waterbury, P.O. Box 2924, Waterbury, CT, 06723 or donate online at https://www.namiwalks.org/team/57063
Upcoming Events at Let's Talk and Paint
June 6: Franciscan Sports Banquet and Silent Auction
Bill Ghio, President,
WMG & Sons, Franchisee of Dunkin’ Donuts
Jim Calhoun Community Service Award
Tim Tolokan, Retired Associate Director of Athletics, UConn
Dean of Sports Award
Gretchen Rossi, Director of Public Relations
 Franciscan Life Center and Franciscan Home Care and Hospice Care
Mother Shaun Appreciation Award
Athletes, Special Olympics Connecticut
Emcees: Tony Terzi and Rich Coppola, WTNH
Join us for an evening of fine honorees, a great silent auction with signed items by Coach “K,” raffle prizes, delicious food and much more. Cost is $75.00/person. For more information, reservations, and sponsorships visit franciscansportsbanquet.org or call (203) 237-8084.
June 17: Literacy Volunteers of Greater Waterbury Hosts a Night of Laughs Featuring Comedian Dave Reilly
Have you ever thought about becoming a Volunteer Tutor? Now is your chance! Upcoming training sessions May 17 and May 24.
June 19 to June 23: AI3 2023 8th Annual Skills Academy
September 21: 14th Annual Brass Button Awards at Mattatuck Museum
The Mattatuck Museum will celebrate the 14th Annual Brass Button Award on Thursday, September 21 honoring community leaders Pam and Jack Baker.
The Brass Button Award recognizes outstanding contributions by individuals to the greater Waterbury area and their lifelong engagement with social and cultural enrichment. This year, the Mattatuck Museum proudly honors leaders Pam and Jack Baker for their years of devoted service in our community.
Pam and Jack Baker, owners of Litchfield Distillery. Jack and his two brothers started the distillery in 2014, the same year Pam joined the Board of Directors of the Mattatuck Museum. The Baker family has a long history in the Greater Waterbury and Litchfield regions. Jack’s father started in the water business in 1914 in Stamford with Crystal Rock Water, a company that is still in operation today. As bourbon requires a lot of water during the making process, the two ventures fit well together. The distillery is now one of Litchfield’s main attractions and the Baker brothers have developed a spirit’s tour to encourage enthusiasts to visit other distilleries in the state.
The Bakers are well-known, generous philanthropists. Though Pam’s term on the Museum’s Board ends in May 2023, which included time on both the Executive and Governance committees, she will remain the Chair of the Collections Committee and continues as a member of the Summer Fling event committee. In addition to often donating Litchfield Distillery spirits to The MATT for events, the Bakers have been consistent major donors of the museum, and their daughter, Kristen Baker, has one of her beautiful abstract works of art hanging in the lobby. They also named the Baker Gallery during the Museum’s recent capital campaign. They have worked behind the scenes to connect many people, organizations, and funders to the museum over the last decade.
In addition to their valued and continued support of the Mattatuck Museum, the Bakers have supported many organizations in the area. These include The Housatonic Valley Association, the United Way, Flanders Nature Center, the Waterbury Symphony Orchestra, the Palace Theater, the Susan B. Anthony Project, and the New Milford Community Culinary School, among many others.
Pam and Jack Baker will be celebrated with a reception and awards ceremony on Thursday, September 21 at the Mattatuck Museum. Cocktail attire is encouraged for this event.
Sponsorship opportunities and program ads are available. Please contact Lara Langer, Director of Development at (203) 753-0381 x120 or lara@mattmuseum.org.
Upcoming Events at the Palace Theater
June 22: Legendary Jazz Artist Herbie Hancock
The Palace Theater is thrilled to bring music icon Herbie Hancock to Waterbury on Thursday, June 22, 2023, at 7:30 PM. Hancock, a legendary pianist and composer, is a Kennedy Center honoree, Academy Award winner, and winner of 14 Grammy awards. This concert is part of the ION Bank Concert series.

Now in the sixth decade of his professional life, Herbie Hancock remains where he has always been: at the forefront of world culture, technology, business, and music.

Hancock has been an integral part of every popular music movement since the 1960's. As a member of the Miles Davis Quintet that pioneered a groundbreaking sound in jazz, he also developed new approaches on his own recordings, followed by his work in the 70s -- with record-breaking albums such as "Headhunters" -- that combined electric jazz with funk and rock in an innovative style that continues to influence contemporary music. "Rockit" and "Future Shock" marked Hancock's foray into electronic dance sounds; during the same period, he also continued to work in an acoustic setting with V.S.O.P., which included ex-Miles Davis bandmates Wayne Shorter, Ron Carter, and Tony Williams.

Hancock received an Academy Award for his Round Midnight film score and 14 Grammy Awards, including Album of The Year for "River: The Joni Letters," and two 2011 Grammy Awards for the recently released globally collaborative CD, "The Imagine Project." Many of his compositions, including "Canteloupe Island," "Maiden Voyage," "Watermelon Man" and "Chameleon," are modern standards.

Hancock serves as Creative Chair for Jazz for the Los Angeles Philharmonic Association and as Institute Chairman of the Herbie Hancock Institute of Jazz. He is a founder of The International Committee of Artists for Peace (ICAP), and was recently given the "Commandeur des Arts et des Lettres" by French Prime Minister Francois Fillon. In 2011 Hancock was named a UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador by UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova, and in December of 2013, received a Kennedy Center Honor. In 2014 he was was named the 2014 Norton Professor Of Poetry at Harvard University, completing his lectures series, "The Ethics Of Jazz," as part of the Charles Eliot Norton Lecture Series for a period of six weeks. His memoirs, Herbie Hancock: Possibilities, were published by Viking in 2014, and in February 2016 he was awarded the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. A member of The American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Hancock is currently in the studio at work on a new album.

 Donny Osmond

Winner of Best Production Show, Best Headliner and Best Family-Friendly Show for the 2022 Best of Vegas awards, Osmond’s show is a dynamic, energy-filled musical journey of his unparalleled life as one of the most recognized entertainers in the world. Fans are treated to Osmond’s engaging performances throughout the show including the fan favorite and showstopping "Auto-rap-ography" – a rap song accompanied by milestones photos and videos from his impressive career of six decades. Donny also does a full Broadway production of his classic Disney hit from Mulan, "I'll Make A Man Out Of You." The show also includes an audience interactive segment where anyone can request any song he's ever recorded.
What: An Evening with Donny Osmond
When Tuesday, July 18 at 6:30PM – Doors at 7:30PM
Where: Palace Theater – 100 E Main Street, Waterbury CT 06702
Cost: $49.50 - $199.50
2023-2024 Webster Bank Broadway Series Announced
Pretty Woman: The Musical, October 10-12, 2023: based on one of Hollywood’s most beloved romantic stories of all time, PRETTY WOMAN: THE MUSICAL springs to life with a powerhouse creative team led by two-time Tony Award®-winning director and choreographer Jerry Mitchell, an original score by Grammy® winner Bryan Adams and Jim Vallance, and a book by the movie’s legendary director Garry Marshall and screenwriter J. F. Lawton. PRETTY WOMAN: THE MUSICAL will lift your spirits and light up your heart. Are you ready to fall in love all over again?

Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, November 3-5, 2023: All rise for Academy Award® winner Aaron Sorkin’s adaptation of Harper Lee’s Pulitzer Prize-winning masterwork. The New York Times Critic’s Pick TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD is “the most successful American play in Broadway history” (60 Minutes). Rolling Stone gives it 5 stars, calling it “an emotionally shattering landmark production of an American classic,” and New York Magazine calls it “a real phenomenon. Majestic and incandescent, it’s filled with breath and nuance and soul.” With direction by Tony Award® winner Bartlett Sher, TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD“the greatest novel of all time” (Chicago Tribune) has quickly become “one of the greatest plays in history” (NPR).
On Your Feet! The Story of Emilio & Gloria Estefan, December 15-16, 2023: ON YOUR FEET! is the inspiring true story about heart, heritage and two people who believed in their talent—and each other—to become an international sensation: Gloria and Emilio Estefan. Now their story is an all-new exhilarating original musical winning the hearts of critics and audiences alike, with the Chicago Tribune declaring “IT’S A HIT!” and The New York Times cheering, “The very air in the room seems to vibrate in this undeniably crowd-pleasing musical!” ON YOUR FEET! features some of the most iconic songs of the past quarter-century, including “Rhythm is Gonna Get You,” “Conga,” “Get On Your Feet,” “Don’t Want To Lose You Now,” “1-2-3” and “Coming Out of the Dark.” Prepare to be on your feet from start to finish!

Jesus Christ Superstar, April 2-3, 2024: Celebrating its 50th Anniversary, a mesmerizing new production of the iconic musical phenomenon returns to the stage. Originally staged by London’s Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre and helmed by the acclaimed director Timothy Sheader (Crazy for You, Into the Woods) and cutting-edge choreographer Drew McOnie (King Kong, Strictly Ballroom), this production won the 2017 Olivier Award for Best Musical Revival garnering unprecedented reviews and accolades. Appealing to both theater audiences and concert music fans, this production pays tribute to the historic 1971 Billboard Album of the Year while creating a modern, theatrical world that is uniquely fresh and inspiring.

With lyrics and music by Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony winners Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber, Jesus Christ Superstar is set against the backdrop of an extraordinary series of events during the final weeks in the life of Jesus Christ as seen through the eyes of Judas. Reflecting the rock roots that defined a generation, the legendary score includes ‘I Don’t Know How to Love Him’, ‘Gethsemane’ and ‘Superstar’.
The Book of Mormon, April 26-28, 2024: The New York Times calls it “the best musical of this century.” The Washington Post says, “It is the kind of evening that restores your faith in musicals.” And Entertainment Weekly says, “Grade A: the funniest musical of all time.” Jimmy Fallon of The Tonight Show calls it "Genius. Brilliant. Phenomenal." It’s THE BOOK OF MORMON, the nine-time Tony Award® winning Best Musical.
This outrageous musical comedy follows the adventures of a mismatched pair of missionaries, sent halfway across the world to spread the Good Word. With standing room only productions in London, on Broadway, and across North America, THE BOOK OF MORMON has truly become an international sensation. Contains explicit language.

Mean Girls, May 18-19, 2024: Direct from Broadway, MEAN GIRLS is the hilarious hit musical from book writer TINA FEY (“30 Rock”), composer JEFF RICHMOND (“Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”), lyricist NELL BENJAMIN (Legally Blonde), and original director and choreographer CASEY NICHOLAW (The Book of Mormon). The story of a naïve newbie who falls prey to a trio of lionized frenemies, MEAN GIRLSdelivers with immense energy, a wicked sense of humor and joyful inside-jokery.” USA Today says, “We’ll let you in on a little secret, because we’re such good friends: GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!”

The Kite Runner, June 4-6, 2024:  Based on Khaled Hosseini’s beloved, international best-selling novel, THE KITE RUNNER is a powerful new play adapted by Matthew Spangler that follows one man’s journey to confront his past and find redemption.
Afghanistan is a divided country, and two childhood friends are about to be torn apart. It’s a beautiful afternoon in Kabul and the skies are full of the excitement and joy of a kite flying tournament. But neither of the boys can foresee the incident which will change their lives forever. Told across two decades and two continents, THE KITE RUNNER is an unforgettable journey of forgiveness, and shows us all that we can be good again. 

For information about becoming a season subscriber call the theater’s box office at 203.346.2000. Single ticket on sale dates for the individual engagements will be announced later.
Participant in CT's Open House Day on June 10, 2023
Open House Day inspires Connecticut residents to become more aware of the amazing experiences in their own backyard. This year’s Open House Day will do the same, keeping our tourism and hospitality businesses in the hearts and minds of our residents.

As always, the event will be supported with public relations and paid media, driving more awareness of participating businesses.

How to participate:
It’s free and easy to be a part of this event. All you need to do to be included is:

  1. Determine if your business meets the guidelines for inclusion described here.
  2. Offer a FREE experience of any kind. The more creative your offer, the more likely it is to be promoted (and attract visitors, of course).
  3. Register as a participant in the event here.
June 1: Charter Oak State College Offering Social Work Program Open House
Charter Oak State College (www.CharterOak.edu) offers an informational Open House for prospects interested in earning an online Bachelor of Science in Social Work. Anyone interested is invited to this Zoom event, June 1, 5:30 PM ET. Admissions and Program Directors will lead discussions about this flexible, online program designed for those interested in helping others in a variety of work settings. Application opens June 1 and all event attendees apply free.

Event Date – Thursday, June 1, 2023 at 5:30 PM ET - Event covers flexible, online Social Work Bachelor of Science.

Register for the Zoom event at: www.CharterOak.edu/social-work
The online College offers career-focused degrees and certificates in majors such as Business Administration, Health Information Management, Cyber Security, Nursing, Human Resources Management, Social Work, Early Childhood Education, Health Care Administration, Public Safety Administration, Criminal Justice, Sociology, plus others. Charter Oak State College is well known for degree completion and honoring qualified existing college credits, prior learning, military, and professional certifications. 

Celebrating 50 years, Charter Oak State College (www.CharterOak.edu) is Connecticut’s public online college, offering associate and bachelor’s degrees in high-demand fields including Health Information Management, Nursing, Criminal Justice, Early Childhood Education, Social Work and Business Administration. The College offers master’s degrees in Health Informatics, Health Care Administration and Organizational Effectiveness and Leadership. Charter Oak is accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education and governed by Connecticut’s Board of Regents for Higher Education. 
The Northwest Regional Workforce Investment Board announces
Federal Job Training Dollars for Manufacturers for On-the-Job-Training
in the Waterbury, Danbury, and Torrington Region
In addition to Incumbent Worker Training (IWT), the Northwest Regional Workforce Investment Board (NRWIB) is offering funds to manufacturers in the 41 towns of the NW Connecticut workforce region (Waterbury/Torrington /Danbury) to provide on-the-job training (OJT) to job applicants referred to employers by the NRWIB.
 (“Reverse referrals” from employers to the NRWIB prior to hiring,
are also welcomed. Send us your applicants.)

What’s the difference between IWT and OJT? They both involve training, but IWT is for workers you already employ who need advanced training. OJT is for job applicants that we send to you to be interviewed, hired and mentored. We welcome reverse referrals of job applicants.
Benefits of OJT to Employers:
• Receive a 50% wage reimbursement to offset on-the-job training costs for eligible new hires referred by the NRWIB to the employer
• Gain access to a pipeline of job-ready candidates
• the NRWIB will screen prospective job candidates for program eligibility
• Employer makes all hiring decisions
To Get Started:
Contact Jeff Chorches: chorches@careerresources.org or 203. 574. 6971. ext. 450.    

The Connecticut Workforce High-tech Industries Skills Partnership H1-b Grant (CTWHISP) is funded by the U. S. Dept. of Labor Employment and Training Administration. Program ends November, 2024.
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Member News and Updates
As businesses continue to rely more heavily on technology, it's becoming increasingly important for organizations to adhere to compliance standards. Not only do these standards help protect sensitive data, but they also help businesses avoid costly penalties and legal action.

At Valued Technology Services, we take compliance seriously. We work with our clients to identify the compliance standards that are relevant to their industry and ensure that their technology solutions meet those requirements. From HIPAA to PCI DSS and all the other standards, we're here to help our clients stay on top of their compliance needs.

If you're looking for a reliable IT service provider that can help you navigate the complex world of compliance, look no further. Our team has the expertise and experience needed to ensure that your business is always in compliance with the latest standards. Let us know if you're interested in learning more!

Call our office at (203) 528-4253 for a free 15-minute strategy session or use the calendar link below to schedule time convenient for you.

 📅 Calendar link: https://lnkd.in/gg3p5Pdi

📲Call our office: (203) 528-4253
IT News from Golden Technology Services: An Item To Be On the Lookout For While Online
The Sun newspaper warns Gmail and Outlook users not to click on a link or it could result in substantial losses to your bank account. This could be in an attachment in a phishing email or link embedded in it. The bad actor convinces you that they are a trusted source of theirs e.g., vendor, supplier, customer etc. A computer virus or malware (malicious software) could be loaded onto your computing device.

Verify the user and the request before proceeding or responding first.

WorkWise is a suite of cybersecurity awareness topics that increases your awareness and reduce your risks while online.

Test drive one module of WorkWise’s - Social Engineering at no charge which can improve your organization’s cybersecurity.

Contact: Justin Golden
1(972)679-9738 (mobile)
IT News from Bsquared Intel
We work with social media. A ton of it for that matter. Whether we’re helping preserve posts as evidence for attorneys or dealing with the cybersecurity side of things with these platforms, we come across boat loads of fake accounts. Some are convincingly good and others are so bad you can spot them a mile a way. Fake accounts are set up for several reasons. Some are used to scam people and some are used to publish harmful information.
In our latest article, we share some tips on what to look out for to spot fake Facebook accounts. You can read it here: https://bsquaredintel.com/identifying-fake-facebook-profiles/ We’ll be doing a series of these on each platform. Which one would you like us to focus on next?
Also a reminder that there is less than two months left until part one of Connecticut’s new data privacy law goes into affect on July 1st 2023. If you are an organization that’s mandated to comply, reach out to learn how Bsquared Intel can help you.
Don’t forget to follow Bsquared Intel on:
And while you're here, sign up for the free newsletter to stay up to speed with cybersecurity and other interesting stuff: https://bsquaredintel.com/newsletter-signup/
Feel free to contact me with any questions or just to say hello and network.
Bill Becker
President Bsquared Intel | Email: bill@bsquaredintel.com | Phone: 203.828.0012
May is National Foster Care Month
May is National Foster Care Month, an annual observance to recognize and support children, youth, and families in the foster care system. Wheeler’s Foster Care team serves youth and families in Waterbury and eight surrounding towns to provide youth, ages 6 to 17, with stable, safe, caring environments for shorter periods of time or potentially longer.

“In Connecticut, on any given day, there are hundreds of youth who need loving foster homes, and most are over the age of 13 years old,” said Sharon Pendleton-Ponzani, LCSW, director, Wheeler Foster Care Services. “This annual observance helps to underscore this need.

“The experience of fostering a teen, even for a shorter duration of time, is different but can be just as rewarding and equally as impactful,” Pendleton-Ponzani added.

Wheeler’s Foster Care program uses the evidence-based Functional Therapy in Foster Care Model (FFT Partners) and includes a dedicated team of professionals who provide weekly in-home sessions with youth and families as well as 24/7 on-call coverage support for the foster family. Support groups, ongoing training, and coordination of services for youth also are provided.

Wheeler’s Foster Care program serves youth and families in: Beacon Falls, Middlebury, Naugatuck, Oxford, Prospect, Southbury, Waterbury, Wolcott, and Woodbury. There is a great need for new foster homes in this region to help local children, particularly teenagers.

Studies show that teens who age out of foster care or who do not have more permanent, loving attachments are at increased risk for homelessness, young parenthood, low educational attainment, high unemployment rates, human trafficking, and other adverse adult outcomes.

To learn more about becoming a foster parent through Wheeler, contact Wheeler’s Recruitment team at 860.793.7277 or email fostercareprograms@wheelerclinic.org or visit: WheelerHealth.org/Foster