Celebrating Our Team
While one person can accomplish great things, a team can accomplish greater things. Every day I work at Tripepi Smith, I am grateful for our team of dedicated, specialized and talented individuals. The people I work with have the skills and knowledge to ensure Tripepi Smith is the best it can be, and it makes me proud to help lead this firm. Our team has grown in more ways than one this past year.

In May, we added Bria and Courtney to team Tripepi Smith. Bria contributes her talents in graphic design, photography and creative and technical writing while Courtney contributes her passion for communications and policy strategy. Then in August, we brought on Cameron, our resident video and content production expert, and Vanessa, our newest junior business analyst with skills in both journalism and social media.

Additionally, our skillset has expanded this year. Team members have earned certifications in social media, digital advertising and analytics, as well as trained on public policy, local government, marketing and video production and editing. Not only do we have a larger team than we did last year, but we have more multi-talented team members that have cultivated skills to successfully tell and share our clients’ stories.

As the year comes to a close, I reflect on 2018 and find myself grateful for the group of people I work with. While we don’t all meet up in an office every day, we do connect and collaborate on a daily basis to produce the very best for our clients. The diverse array of educational backgrounds and work and life experiences enables our team to learn from each other and work together to yield a better outcome for our clients than if we had worked alone. Plus, it's a joy along the way.

From our team to yours, Happy Holidays.
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Capture Your Wins
We put together a list of 13 tips for capturing beautiful photos and video that showcase your city and staff's greatest accomplishments.
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Our Tripepi Smith-branded laptops may have caught your attention this conference season.

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Client Highlight: Culver City
Culver City is a five-square-mile urban community of 39,000 residents primarily surrounded by the City of Los Angeles and partially alongside unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County.

Culver City is particularly known for its well-run public school system, “small town” charm, growing high-tech and creative economies, and a dynamic downtown that is regionally known as a destination for restaurants, live theater and art galleries.

Winter/Spring Conference Plans
The Tripepi Smith team can frequently be found on the local government conference circuit! Come find us at the following events this winter and spring.

  • CCCA 2019 Sacramento Legislative Tour (Sacramento)
  • LOCC 2019 City Managers Department Meeting (San Diego)
  • NW Regional Managers Conference (Hood River, OR)
  • ICMA West Coast Regional Conference (Reno, NV)
  • CAPIO 2019 Annual Conference (Newport Beach)
  • LOCC 2019 Mayors and Council Members Executive Forum (Monterey)
Service Spotlight: Voter Education
To help cut through election chatter, cities can launch voter education initiatives to ensure their constituents have the resources they need to make informed decisions come election day.

Tripepi Smith combines a range of services, from digital advertising and strategy development, to video production and social media management, to ensure voters are educated on the ballot items that directly affect your community.

Talent On Tap
Sara Scarbo
Sara has the longest tenure of any associate at Tripepi Smith. Her education in finance, financial management, law and public policy from Chapman University has equipped her to take on various project types in her work for our firm.

She provides day-to-day operational support to the entire team and has carried the role of project manager on video production, publishing and marketing initiatives. Sara's expertise lies in Wordpress management, content management and event planning.

Sara offers her technical skill and knack for efficiently executing on projects to Tripepi Smith and Civic Business Journal.
Tripepi Smith provides marketing, technology and public affairs solutions for private companies and public agencies. Whether you're redoing your website, driving an email campaign, shooting a video or launching on Facebook, Tripepi Smith can help.
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Civic Business Journal
Civic Business Journal reports on the people, companies and solutions that make local government in California more effective.

Looking for photos from your favorite events? Try the CBJ Photo Gallery.
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