June 2020
Message from CEO Jessica Cruz
It's Pride Month and we have a guide for how to support LGBTQ+ loved one s and community members. From NAMI COO Steven Kite: “Pride is a great time to reflect on where we’ve been as a community and the path ahead as we continue to fight for equity and justice.”

NAMI California is also standing in solidarity with all the families, friends, and community members who have lost loved ones senselessly due to racism and. We must recognize racism as a public health crisis.  Read our full statement .

Research, reading and resources to help parents and students impacted by the pandemic.
NAMI California Multicultural Symposium
Our Summer 2020 Multicultural Symposium is virtual this year! Join us online July 8-10 for discussions on how to reduce mental health care disparities among diverse populations with local leaders and advocates.
Town Hall Meetings
NAMI California Annual Conference
Our NAMI California annual conference is scheduled for October 12 and 13 in Sacramento.

Community Voices
Fighting Racial Injustice in Our Communities
In a post from Gigi Crowder, Executive Director of NAMI Contra Costa, shares and example of a campaign to engage the community and make progress in the fight against racial injustice. "Too often, African Americans are criminalized for living with mental illnesses, which we know are medical conditions. I’m proud that our Contra Costa NAMI California affiliate is involved in several campaigns..." Read more.
Taking a Cue from Those with Mental Illness During COVID-19
NAMI San Diego member Julie Benn shares her personal experience with mental illness in a post. " The isolation, nagging fear, obsessive worry and fluctuating energy and motivation levels are nothing new to some of us. Before COVID-19, many of us simply called this life as usual....." Read more.
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News and Resources
State Support to Safeguard Our Communities
Like everything else, California’s economy has been impacted by COVID-19 pandemic and we have advocated with other state stakeholders and members to ensure that our communities receive support. I'm pleased to report a budget agreement between lawmakers and California Governor Gavin Newsom will allow $750 million in state general funds for critical safety net services, including mental health and substance use disorder services.
Health Impacts and Support for Students During COVID-19
Research, reading and resources to help parents and students impacted by the pandemic.
How Pets Help to Maintain Mental Health
For PTSD Awareness Month, we have updated our post on how pets can help us maintain mental health , including those living with PTSD.
Mental Health in African American Communities
COVID-19 Guides
We are keeping our COVID-19 research guides updated with new information and resources: www.namica.org/covid19
Support for NAMI California
There are many ways you can be involved in our efforts to improve mental health care and service for all Californians. Support advocacy efforts, find out about volunteer opportunities, share your insights and stories, apply to be on NAMI California's Board, and more.
During these difficult times, support from our community is more appreciated than ever . Renewing your membership, getting a membership for a loved one, or making a donation goes a long way. As a nonprofit organization, every dollar donated to us funds our vital work to help our communities! In addition to becoming a member, did you know you can support NAMI California by shopping on Amazon or checking a box when you file your taxes ? Find out about all the ways you can give to NAMI California. Thank you!