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March 2023

Celebrating Social Work Month

The child welfare workforce is made up of people from all backgrounds. This month, we are taking a little extra time to celebrate our colleagues who are social workers. A social work education increases job readiness, decreases burnout and turnover, improves outcomes, and prepares the workforce to address equity and disparity within the system. We hope you will explore the following resources to learn more about the role professional development and education play in developing and retaining a diverse and effective workforce.

Speaking of Celebrations...

Have you ever attended NCWWI's Child Welfare Worker Recognition Event?

This annual September event is part of Workforce Development Month and was created to:

  • Inspire and energize the child welfare workforce
  • Show appreciation for the good work that is happening all across the country
  • Reconnect with one another and the reason we chose to do this work
  • Remember that we all have the power through our daily actions to improve the system for children and families

So here's where we could use your help! Last year's theme was Reflect, Connect, Recharge. What do you think this year's theme should be?  Scan the QR code and add words and phrases that resonate with you.

P.S. Save the date for 9/12/23!

Celebrating New Partners

Cultivating a Sustainable Workforce: A NCWWI Breakthrough Series Collaborative

We're so excited to announce the launch of our Cultivating a Sustainable Workforce: A NCWWI Breakthrough Series Collaborative (BSC) to improve child welfare workforce recruitment and retention and build cultures that value justice, equity, diversity, and belonging. Over the next 16 months, we'll be working collaboratively with these four tribal and five public child welfare program organizations and engaging with them in a dynamic learning process that cultivates a healthy, equitable, and sustainable workforce.

Understanding Public Perception

NCWWI is examining the public perception of child welfare from various perspectives. One of those is our workforce's perspective. If you are open to sharing your experience and thoughts during a two-hour moderated session in April, please complete the participation form by March 31, 2023.

Join Us
We are honored to support your workforce development efforts. Please contact Sharon Kollar if you have questions or need further assistance.

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