Hello from Friends! Here is a quick look at what's new in our work to fight AIDS, tuberculosis (TB) and malaria in the age of COVID-19.

Celebrating Speaker Nancy Pelosi & Senator Lindsey Graham's Support for the Global Fund 

Since 2002, the Global Fund partnership has saved 50 million lives. This summer, Friends hosted an event honoring bipartisan Congressional champions in the fight to end HIV, TB and malaria.

Watch these videos honoring Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) 

and Senator Lindsey Graham's (R-SC) leadership and relentless advocacy. 

"On my very first day in Congress, I came here to fight AIDS."

Speaker Nancy Pelosi, recipient of our Global Health Guardian award. 

"The Global Fund has been one of the most successful programs in the history of government...the numbers speak for themselves."

– Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), recipient of our Global Health Champion award.

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Advocates Step Up Pressure for the United Kingdom's Pledge to the Global Fund 

Major G7 countries including the United States, Germany, Japan, Canada and the European Commission have increased their pledges by nearly 30 percent to accelerate the Global Fund's fight against the world's deadliest infectious diseases.

Two of the Global Fund’s largest contributors, Italy and the United Kingdom, are expected to pledge in the coming weeks.

The United Kingdom must step up and increase its investment to the Global Fund or its leaders risk depriving the Commonwealth’s poorest of the funding necessary to fight HIV, tuberculosis and malaria. 

If the U.K. does not increase its pledges by 30%, U.S. money will be left on the table. Our infographic above highlights what is at stake for every 100 million pound shortfall in U.K. funding for the Global Fund.

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50 Civil Society Groups Urge FIF Board Members to Allocate Majority of Pandemic Preparedness Investment to Building Country Capacity

An international group of 50 civil society organizations sent a letter to the board members of the World Bank’s Financial Intermediary Fund for Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness and Response urging them:

  • to make the investment in strengthening country-level capacity and health systems the central focus of the new FIF.

  • to allocate significant investments through the Global Fund.
Read the Full Letter

Leveraging the Global Fund Mechanism to Better Prepare for Future Health Threats (InterNewsHealth)

During a virtual discussion, FriendsPresident & CEO Chris Collins and Rosemary Mburu of WACI Health in Kenya reflected on the outcome of the Global Fund's seventh replenishment which raised $14.3 billion.

  • “For the first time in the history of the Global Fund, 18 African countries stepped into the leadership role. It matters that African countries can put money on the table... because it changes the narrative that African countries are not just recipients or implementers." – Rosemary Mburu 
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Taking on Deadly Risks to Deliver Tuberculosis Care in Kharkiv, Ukraine (Global Fund)

The ongoing conflict in Ukraine has had devastating consequences on the country’s health care system. Read the Global Fund's story on Yulia, a social worker who is taking on deadly risks to deliver tuberculosis care in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

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TB is Surging Again– Can Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic Help? (The Economist)

Can innovations produced during COVID-19, including mRNA vaccines, help the world get TB under control?

Listen to the Economist's new podcast investigating the recent surge of tuberculosis cases in Brazil's poverty-ridden favelas to get the answer.

Listen to the Full Podcast
Global Health News

  • Ambassador Nkengasong discusses strategy to fight off rising global HIV infections (Politico)

  • Commonwealth solidarity more important than ever in fight against HIV, tuberculosis and malaria (Telegraph)
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