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Rise Up!
April 2018
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 11:00 a.m.

Rev. Rebecca Nagy
Rev. David Hulse

Greg James
Music Director
April 1st
Rise Up!

**AND Easter Brunch Pot Luck
after service

Come celebrate with us as we welcome a New Spiritual Year, honor our April birthdays and congratulation **Sandra Broome-Edwards on the next chapter of her life after retirement!!
*NEW Sunday Pre-service Metaphysical Bible Study

Begins NEXT Sunday 4/8/18
10:00 am
in the Light House
Based on Rev. David's book: 
Take Another Look.

Do you understand the original meanings
of traditional Christian Doctrine?

When family and friends of a more literalist persuasion begin throwing scripture at you any time you begin explaining what you believe, would you like to be able to explain scripture from a more enlightened - metaphysical point of view?
Some Topics Covered:


  • What is Hell?
  • Resurrection Meaning
  • Law and Grace
  • Meaning of Sin
  • Definition of Evil
  • What is Man
  • Exploring Darkness
  • Defining Illusion
  • Explaining Awakening
  • Defining the Church
  • What is Reconciliation?
  • Do you know "The Way"?
  • Judgment Explored
  • Who is your Adversary?
  • Releasing Spirits
  • Origin of Spirits
Wisdom Wednesdays

with Rev. Rebecca Nagy

New Book Study Begins 4/18/18
7:00 - 8:30 PM
Suggested Love Offering: $25

The Great Initiate, and Master Teacher demonstrated for us the spiritual path we all must tread upon as we, too, become Divine.  This study will look deeply into the personality's journey towards the Soul as we embrace who we really are!

Based on the Book by Alice A. Bailey, From Bethlehem to Calvary. 
Available on Amazon: Click HERE
Robbie Warren and the Otter Dance Community

Sunday, April 8th, 2018
2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Join us on the 2nd Sunday of each month for a  service based on Earth Medicine and the connection to all of creation. 

Our program for the young people will also continue through PathFinders.  

Immediately following our service we will have coffee and tea for continued fellowship and community connections.   

Donations to cover rent and supplies appreciated.

See our Facebook Events page for details!
Full Moon Drum Circle
Saturday,  April 28
7:30 p.m.- 9:00 p.m.

Come drum, dance, and celebrate under the light of the moon!  

You can raise energy for your intentions, or just have fun! 

Love offering.
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Jeffrey Langell- photographer/digital artist will be setting up a table after service on Easter  Sunday
He recently had a serious illness and needs our support. As you can imagine 4 weeks without working has caused him some financial stress. 

He will be selling his beautiful,original art in the of note cards with the art work on the front in an embossed border and blank inside. The cards will sell for $5.00 each and are quality cards and well worth the asking price. 

So come support a member off our spiritual family and help him continue to heal.   To see more of Jeff's work, visit his artist site:

In the event of inclement weather, 
we will post any closing announcements on 
and on our outgoing phone message. 
What is Abundance? And Where Can I Get Me Some?

New Year - New Goals

Did you know that with the onset of this month's move into Aries and Spring that we have a chance at ANOTHER New Year - this time on more of an energetic/spiritual level? 
Now, before you go and say, "Oh NO - not astrology!" may I gently remind you that from an esoteric Christianity perspective that the ENTIRE story of the Master Jesus' earthly journey and the ensuing recording of it (now called The Bible) are based on the journey of the Sun and planets through the heavens and the resulting energies available to humanity? 

If this is a new concept to you, then I invite you to join me and Susan Reynolds for our 8-week course on the Esoteric Wisdom during the day - or every Wednesday evening for my Wisdom Wednesdays! 

But I digress - this month everything is new, shiny and growing with the incoming energies of this spiritual new year. The Christ energy is moving and bringing with it the resurgence and growth in nature - and in our spirits!

Recently, I was speaking with the man who was looking at my foundation and crawl space to asses where erosion issues were coming from. He was shaking his head at all the calls he and his colleagues were getting because of, as he put it, the "Biblical" deluge of rains we've been having. "We don't seem to have rain - we have heavy, driving downpours"! I laughed when he started to list the horrible year he's been having (and he had) followed by, "I was so glad to see the behind of 2017, but 2018 don't seem to be that much better". 

I hear this lament every year - and yes, I will be honest, I, too have voiced it more than once. We tend to look ahead for a better day, a better year, a better life. In the process, we may overlook the valuable lessons and sign posts the seeming difficulties and challenges are actually giving us.

Part of the spiritual journey of evaluating where we have been and then assessing where we would LIKE to be is looking at what we can release. The challenge is to look at the experiences we tend to label as "bad" in a different way.

Let's agree that everything is God. We affirm this all the time, and yet have we really stopped to ponder what that means? It means that the good and the not-so-good are of God. If everything is God, then why would God allow the bad? Why did God allow Cain to kill Able, why did Hitler rise to power and why is ISIS the latest horrific group to commit crimes against humanity?

You may not like my answer.

WE agreed to it. Our SOULS collectively allow these happenings on the physical plane of existence because we are in the midst of the Great Shattering - the shattering of the illusion as to who we are and where we are going. It's so we can see the truth and begin to take responsibility (respond-ability) for co-creating with father/mother god the next steps in our evolution. The truth that we need to release and let go of the old age, the old forms and the old ways of being in order to make way for the new humanity - the new heaven on earth - that we are birthing. When we as a collective can see behind the happenings of the times to the spiritual cause, then we will begin to understand and create this New Jerusalem that the sacred text tells us is coming.

In order to do that, we are to lift into the fourth - and even the fifth - dimensions and begin to visualize, affirm and speak only that which is positive, creative and nurturing to our spirit.

Being negative and living in victim consciousness is just so much easier than being positive and knowing that we co-create our reality.

But living in abundance is our birthright - and our responsibility! Or should I say: "respond - ability?". For it is our ability to respond to "Whatever" comes our way that creates the energetic flow towards co creation, abundance and prosperity. When we go around in "eeekness" then we are blocking "oneness" and thus damming up the flow of cosmic/spiritual energy that is the very lifeblood of our manifesting ability.

A great way of keeping "in flow" is to have a visual reminder of how you want to use your divine co-creative powers by creating a Vision Board. As you continue to diligently and consistently work with Spirit, and affirm and believe in Divine Order, then, I assure you: you WILL achieve.

So, let's welcome Spring with open arms, open minds and open hearts - and manifest miracles!

Love and Abundant Blessings!
Rev. Rebecca
Only $15/month
We are excited to offer you a way of keeping up with the wit and wisdom of our weekly services even if you are unable to attend in person.  I personally thank Greg James for his unlimited talents of our music director!




Paradiso & Rasamayi 
Sacred Sound Concert 
and Meet Your Bowlmate Workshop

Concert: Tuesday, April 10th
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Embark on this frequency-facilitated journey, individually created to transport each unique group and participant to planes of existence most have never dreamed possible. People around the world have reported an experience beyond the perception of time and limitations when they are immersed in the vibrations that come through 
Paradiso and Rasamayi.

Workshop: Wednesday, April 11th
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Register early, space is limited!

Many souls have discovered that singing bowls are amazing tools, assisting and accelerating transformation, meditation and healing arts. Come and meet the new gem- and mineral-infused Alchemy singing bowls, and find the bowl which can expand and purify your home frequency; your perfect energy prescription; your ideal match in singing bowl form: your BOWLMATE.

NEW Classes Starting in April!
School of Wisdom Classes
Session I 
with Rev. Rebecca Nagy
Susan Reynolds

Beginning Wednesday, April 18th - June 6th
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Have you already taken classes in spiritual subjects, studied meditation and know your chakras? There comes a point for each student when they are ready for more. They want to go deeper and not continue to skim over the surface. 

This course offers just that. In eight weeks we will go deeper into esoteric principles and find a new and deeper understanding of what the wisdom teachings really are. This class is not for the beginner.

During our 8 weeks together, we will cover:
  • Universal Law
  • How to move from exoteric information to esoteric wisdom
  • The 7-Rays and how to use them
  • Working with the Masters
  • What is expected of the spiritual student
  • Significance of the Kundalini and more!
Register REQUIRED: Email

$250 for the series

Facilitated by Rev. David Hulse, D.D.
A Series on Jesus' Lost Teachings on Women!

Beginning Thursday, April 5th 
10:30 am
(10:15 Meditation)
in the Light House

Suggested Free Will Offering: 
$10 - 20



This series is about your right to become who you really are, whether you are in a male or a female body. The leaders of the early Church did not accept this message and Jesus' teaching on Woman has been lost.
We will explore some of the controversial questions being asked today today:
  • What was Jesus' relationship with Mary Magdalene?
  • Were they married?
  • Who were the Gnostics?
  • Why was Jesus' teaching on Woman/Divine Feminine suppressed?
  • Why was the concept of original sin invented?
  • Does gender have a bearing on spiritual attainment? And MORE!
**NEW - Fundraiser for our Center


This Block could be YOURS!!

Beginning in the May Issue, we are offering our Spiritual Family Advertising Space in our Monthly Newsletter (947 contacts and growing!) and on our Website for only $15/month, with a 3 month commitment! Please contact Rev. Rebecca for more Information: EMAIL
Let's Do Some Spring Cleaning:
Center Clean-Up Day
Saturday,  April 14, 2018 @ 10 Am - 3 PM

Spring has sprung, and it's time to do some spring cleaning at our beloved center! Please mark your calendars for our Spring Clean-Up Day on Saturday, April 14 from 10 AM - 3 PM
We want this to be an  intergenerational project,  so everyone, old and young and in between, will be warmly welcomed!
Outside projects will include power washing and weeding. Finishing the upstairs rooms for rental will be the inside project. Come anytime and stay as long as you'd like.
To RSVP, or if you have any questions,  email Amanda akmoberley@gmail.com or call 704-315-1081. 
RSVPs are not required, though...please just come!
Never fear...there will be snacks and lunch!  Coffee and pastries will be provided in the morning, and there will be pizza for lunch.
Please bring garden tools, sun hat, sunscreen, and work gloves.  If the weather is nasty, we'll plan to only work inside. Thank you for your help!

Be sure to join and invite others you know who are interested in the more "esoteric" concepts of the spiritual path.  These meetups will be in various locations throughout the Charlotte metro area: 

Are you ready to dive deeply into your spiritual journey? Ready for change and transformation so that once and for all you can experience life from a Soul perspective? Then join Spiritual Leader, Reverend Rebecca Nagy, and other Thought Leaders, as they share with you the Wisdom of the Ages. These teachings are the source materials of all religions and spiritual beliefs. Now is the time for us to go with Source to discover and experience the beauty and richness of the Truth Teachings. Teachings that transcend organized religion and empower every being to become Divine.  JOIN HERE
Our Upstairs Healing Office is Ready to Rent!!

Thanks to the efforts of Cindy Ridge, Brian Fifield and Rick Blake, our office space geared towards healing professionals is now ready to rent.  

This room also has an attached bathroom. 
Our Price: $75/day per monthly commitment

Please contact the Office: