April 2021
Spring Newsletter

Total Active Investment Dollars : $77.8 M
Total Active Investments : 1,033
Total Assets : $82 M
Total Active Loans : 164
Total Active Loan Dollars : $63.9 M
Loan Apps Received in 1st Quarter : 24
President's Corner
WE HAVE A LOT TO CELEBRATE! First, we are celebrating our Ten Year Anniversary. It seems unbelievable that ten years have passed since our dream moved to reality when the United Pentecostal Church Loan Fund was founded in February 2011.

There are other reasons to celebrate as we pass this milestone. One major celebration would be we have now funded over $100,000,000 in loans. Yes, ONE HUNDRED MILLION! And we do not have one loan in default or any late loan payments. All we can say is, “To God Be The Glory!”

We would like to celebrate and acknowledge several groups of people that have helped make this happen as well.

  • First are the investors who trusted us with their investment dollars. You have earned interest on your funds while providing funding for growing churches, districts, and colleges of the UPCI.
  • Second, the UPCI General Superintendent and General Secretary who believed in the dream and vision. They helped promote the idea to receive approval by the Executive and General Boards. 
  • Third, acknowledgement should go to UPCI Budget Committee who caught the vision and gave us time and capital so we could make this vision and dream come to reality. And not only a reality but a venture to create finances to provide future funds for special needs of the UPCI.
  •  Fourth, our wonderful securities attorney, Randy Sterns, and his staff for keeping us in compliance with the various state regulations. We also have very dedicated independent auditors, CapinCrouse, who review our funds monthly.
  • Fifth would be our amazing Board of Directors from over the years, including Randy Barton who served as our consultant to start the Fund.
  • Sixth, our underwriter Bryan Barton of Church First Financial, who works tirelessly to make sure each loan package is both a secure deal for us and a wise stewardship move for the church.
  • Seventh and last, but certainly not the least, are the team members of The Stewardship Group. They have been willing to work multiple positions and jobs until we were able to add staff in more specialized fields for the Church Loan Fund.

Thank you for believing in the United Pentecostal Church Loan Fund. This is just one of the many successes of the United Pentecostal Church that is helping to bring “The Whole Gospel to The Whole World By The Whole Church.”

Stephen M. Drury, President
Investment Options
We know there are many choices for investing out there, but when you invest with us, you invest in the Kingdom. To date we've loaned out over $100 million to UPCI congregations across the United States. Helping these churches grow their reach and impact is our heartbeat, and we couldn't do it without you. Check out these investment opportunities below:

>Standard Certificates - Lock in your rate for 1, 3, or 5 years!

>Individual Retirement Accounts - Save for retirement!

>Coverdell Education Savings Accounts - Be ready for college expenses!

>Kingdom Impact Accounts - Flexible demand certificate!
>Kingdom Growth Certificates - 18-month term locked at 2.25%! New investors only, $1K minimum, $10K maximum deposit. Contact us for more info!
Giving Honor
We honor the life of Reverend James E. Carney. Reverend Carney of Columbia, Mississippi earned his eternal reward in February 2021. Reverend Carney was a vital member of our Board of Directors since the Church Loan Fund's inception in 2011. He served us faithfully through the years and we would not be where we are now without him. He also served in various other capacities in the Kingdom, including Pastor and eventually Bishop of Woodlawn Church, Mississippi District Superintendent and Presbyter, Board Member for Tupelo Children's Mansion and Lighthouse Ranch for Boys, and Executive Board Member of the United Pentecostal Church International. We were extremely blessed to have him in the Church Loan Fund family all these years! Please join us in continuing to send prayers to the Carney family and the church family at Woodlawn.
We also want to honor another very special couple in our Church Loan Fund family, John and Anna Mae Strain. John and Anna Mae were loyal investors who first opened accounts with us back in 2012. The Strains married in 1955 and dedicated their lives to serving the Kingdom and giving all they could. So it was no surprise when they wanted to use their investment interest earnings to further the Kingdom. They made the selfless decision to donate their earnings each quarter. Even more, they allowed our President to decide what cause or organization to donate to each time. Sister Strain passed in November 2017, and Brother Strain in January 2021, and over $5,600 of interest earnings were donated in total! If you would like to make a difference by donating all or part of your interest earnings, contact our office at 636-229-7974.
Church Highlight
Solid Rock Worship Center, Oak Hill, WV
By: Pastor Greg Hurley

After much prayer accompanied with a heavy burden, a daughter work was planted in Oak Hill, West Virginia in 2009. This work, Solid Rock Worship Center, started out in a small storefront, then quickly moved to an empty schoolhouse. Within the first few years the congregation had grown substantially seeing over three hundred souls baptized in the only saving name of Jesus Christ. In 2014, we relocated to the church building we are currently in and were still in great need of more space.

We first approached the UPCI Loan Fund in 2018, sharing our desire to build a much-needed new campus. In 2019, the construction began on a 42,000-square-foot facility located on eighteen prime acres of land. The process has been a very pleasant experience. The Loan Fund staff have been very kind and accommodating. The requests for construction draws have been answered in a timely manner causing the building process to continue without pause.

For anyone looking to build or remodel, I highly recommend the UPCI Loan Fund! Early Spring 2021 is our target for moving into our new building. We are excited to step into this next chapter of Apostolic revival.

You can learn more about Solid Rock Worship Center by visiting their website or Facebook.

pictures of construction in progress
We are also excited to announce Solid Rock Worship Center is our $100 MILLION Partner! What does this mean? Their loan was the financing that pushed us over the mark for $100M loaned out.
10 Years, $100M....all the glory belongs to God!
Lender's Report
The $100 Million Milestone Story

Every church that has borrowed money from the UPCI Loan Fund has an amazing story to tell. Some have stories of how God miraculously opened doors for new or upgraded facilities. Others have stories of how members gave sacrificially so down payments could be made, land could be purchased, or more chairs could be bought. In the past ten years, we have been blessed to be a part of those stories by way of loaning out just over $100,000,000!

In the church lending world, loaning out $100,000,000 is a milestone that is greatly celebrated. Our milestone is made even more amazing by the fact we have not had a single church default on a loan. Think about that! Over 230 loans and not a single default! God has truly blessed the UPCI Loan Fund and its borrower churches!

I must pause and give thanks to God for His guidance, to the incredible team He has blessed us with, to every church that has borrowed money, to every investor who makes it all possible, and to the leadership of the UPCI for believing in our vision to see the Kingdom grow, one church at a time.

Please help us share our $100 Million Milestone as it is the story of how God’s Kingdom is growing all across North America!

Rick Lovall, Vice President & Senior Loan Officer
Stewardship Sundays - Coming to You Now!
UPCI Stewardship Group is now offering a brand new service for our churches...Stewardship Sundays!

One of our professional representatives will visit your church for a short presentation on all the products and services we offer. (Ministerial Insurance, Loan Fund Financing and Investments, Planned Giving, and more!)

If you are interested in hosting a Stewardship Sunday this year, contact us today!
Construction Update - LifeChurch, Gilbert, AZ
Finishing touches are going on at the construction site of the new LifeChurch in Gilbert, Arizona! You can catch up on their story in our October 2020 newsletter >> click here!
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