A Year in The Life of Tarra – and Those Who Love Her
Nothing could be more life-affirming than the reunion of loved ones after a decade of involuntary separation.
Tarra’s acceptance of her relocation to Elephant Refuge North America (ERNA) was instantaneous. True autonomy, familiarity, and customized care was all it took for Tarra to feel safe, understood, and respected. Her immediate immersion into the South Georgia habitat with its native and retired inhabitants was joyfully obvious from her body language and vocalizations.

To know Tarra means to understand what makes her feel safe, secure, empowered, and seen. As simple as it sounds, that is all caregivers need to understand to ensure a fertile environment for growth.
Click the image above to watch a special compilation of moments throughout Tarra’s first year at ERNA.

Upon disembarking from her transport trailer, Tarra began chirping excitedly, and rushed over to greet her long-lost guardian Carol. After ten years of separation, it seemed Tarra had quite a lot to tell her. In the hours and days that followed, Tarra not only spent time with Carol, she formed a loving bond with Mala the stray dog, and began a friendship with Bo, her new pachyderm companion at the Refuge.

And then Samie arrived. This stray street dog walked right up to Tarra and Bo with no fear, then calmly sat in front of them and stared in full wonder. We were not surprised when Tarra’s bright eyes and cheeky smile clearly demonstrated she was thrilled to have a second dog friend!
Bo & Tarra
Mala & Tarra
Samie & Tarra
Tarra has a history of independent behavior when it comes to other elephants, but Bo caught her fancy right away. Even with access to 850 acres of habitat to wander freely, Tarra and Bo spend a great deal of their time together, grazing, enjoying the ponds, and napping in the bamboo forests. Their friendship deepens every day. Understandably, they have much to talk about.

From day one of her arrival at the Refuge, Tarra has thrived. What transpired in the past to warrant her relocation is behind her. She is once again the silly, talkative, bright-eyed, confident character she was known to be. Her future is safe and promising, and we are so happy she is finally home.
Holiday Ele-Buckets
Elephants eat hundreds of pounds of fruits, veggies, grain, branches and grasses each day. You can provide an apple, an ear of corn, or an entire bale of hay. Every little bit adds up and this holiday season, Bo and Tarra will be grateful for the healthy food!

Give a Holiday Ele-Bucket of tasty treats. There are a variety of options to help keep our resident elephants well fed. You can choose a snack pack for $20, a daily feast for $100, or go for a big buffet and feed both Bo and Tarra for a week for $700.
Tarra Commemorative T-shirt 
Show your ele-style with our commemorative T-shirt celebrating Tarra’s first reunion anniversary. Tarra shows her curious personality and beautiful smile as the focal point of this design created in her honor.

We are taking pre-orders through November 21, 2022. Orders will be mailed out the week of December 5, 2022.

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Our EleCams are Back!! 
We are excited to announce the EleCam expansion at Elephant Refuge North America (ERNA) will be back online and live on Tarra's ERNA Anniversary, November 18th! Since we will be installing another server soon, this will be a soft opening (as the streaming system may be down for a couple of hours here and there as we work out any technical issues).

Once again you can observe Tarra and Bo enjoy leisurely days in the warm Georgia sun, and thanks to night vision, an occasional stroll under the stars.

The added cameras and faster system help caregivers quickly find the location of the elephants and you can too! You’ll soon learn Tarra and Bo’s favorite spots and enjoy the closeness they share with each other and with their two canine friends—Mala and Samie.

Supporters have shared with us how much they have learned about natural elephant behavior by watching our original EleCams. Many of you never realized elephants would lie down for naps in the afternoon, or sleep standing up, or that they could swim. This unobtrusive way of virtually “visiting” the Refuge is a positive method of educating the public while allowing elephants to experience true retirement.

To watch the EleCams when they go live, go to: https://www.youtube.com/c/ElephantAidInternational1.

You Can Help Tarra Thrive – Become Her Sponsor 
If Tarra holds a special place in your heart, why not become her sponsor? You can choose an annual sponsorship of $75, or sponsor Tarra every month of the year with a recurring donation of your choice. You'll receive a sponsorship certificate that includes a photo of Tarra and five fun facts about her delivered via eco-friendly email.

By sponsoring Tarra, you can help ensure we have everything we need to provide the highest level of care and give Tarra her best life—from specially tailored vitamins to sophisticated medical equipment and tools used for facility maintenance, and so much more.

Thank you very much for your kind support!
A Special Subscriber Thank You from Tarra
We would like to show our appreciation for your continued interest with an early sneak peek video of Tarra, Mala and Samie for our subscribers. Click the image above to watch!
As always, we greatly appreciate your interest, commitment and help. You make our work for elephants possible. Thank you!
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