Thanksgiving is a special opportunity for us to say  THANK YOU   for helping us save lives and change lives in rural Guatemala.

Families here are grateful to have access to affordable medical care at our health center.  Students in middle, high school and college are thankful for their education.  Moms are grateful for a smoke-free kitchen. Women are eager to learn new skills and earn an income.  Clean, running water at homes creates healthier kids.  

All of these positive changes are possible because of your generous contributions.  In this newsletter, you will see how your donations are making a difference.

The  hard working and humble people here deserve your help. There are always more sick people needing care, more students wanting to go to school but lack any financial resources, and more children suffering from malnutrition.  

Please remember us and continue to support our work.   
We wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.

Kind regards,

Chapina Stoves Creates Healthy Kitchens

Preparing meals over an open fire was a way of life so
 Martita has breathed toxic smoke since she was a baby. 
 But now she has a healthy, safe kitchen thanks to her 
Chapina stove.  

Martita and her children no longer suffer from
 coughs, headaches, respiratory problems and burns.

Proud Class of 2017
9 students in our scholarship program graduated last week.
 They overcame unthinkable obstacles to reach their goal to graduate from high school.  Dreams really do come true.   

Front row:  Gregorio, Ermildo, Gloria, Rudy
Back row: Nancy, Belter, Felix, Jorge and Cristian

Access to Medical Care

Moms and kids treated at our health center
 are among the world's most vulnerable families.

Dr. Ligia Garcia examines an infant at our medical clinic.  
Because children under the age of 13 are treated for free, 
parents seek medical care sooner when their child is sick. 
Our health team sees over 600 patients a month.
Women's Learning and Empowerment Project 

Our program targets women in rural villages who
 have never had an opportunity to go to school.

Women learn to sew and earn an income.

Women attend reading and math classes
 so they can help their children with homework.
 Higher Education - Bigger Dreams
Young adults receive scholarships to attend college.
 Besides critical financial assistance, we provide a mentor
 and tutoring when needed.   

Madelyn 21,  Eveyln 18, Edna 19, Ana Maria 20
 Sandra 23 and Mariana 21

These young women are the first in their families and first in their villages to finish high school and attend college.  They aspire to be productive and creative professionals, have smaller families, earn meaningful wages, and give back to their families and country.

Providing New Sight

Adults attending our recent eye
 clinic receive their first pair of glasses.

Sarita can see at school, Horacio can see at work, 
and Dora can see to do her household chores..

Did you know?

40% of indigenous Guatemalans are illiterate

$3 - $6 a day is the average wage for families living 
in communities where we work

1.8 is the average number of years an indigenous
 woman stays in school

100% of the junior high school students in most
villages have never used a computer

Technology in Schools

Students in elementary and middle schools have access to computers through our Technology in Schools program.  

Students learn using educational software.  
Grades and attendance improve at every school
 where computers are available.
New Possibilities and New Opportunities

Learning Center construction is progressing
 on schedule.   Classes will include sewing, baking, electricity, 
technology,  English, health and hygiene, and early
 childhood development for young moms.

Learning Center opening in January 2018