Thanksgiving is a special time to remember the blessings we have throughout the year.  We are truly grateful to you, our friends and donors, who so generously donate your time, talents and financial support to change lives and save lives in Guatemala. We wish you a warm, heartfelt Thanksgiving.

Lois & Ken Werner

You can't imagine what they are thankful for

     Families living in rural Maya villages struggle against the ties of poverty that are unimaginable for many people.  Their lives are plagued with daily labor to carry water because there is no water in their village or to walk 3 miles from home to find firewood and return with what they can carry on their backs. Parents worry if they can feed their family this week or can take a sick child to see a doctor. 
     Lives are difficult beyond description.  You might think they have nothing to be thankful for but they show their gratitude every day....

     For access to quality medical
 care at our new health center.


For running water at their home for the first time


For a new, safe composting latrine instead of using 
the nearby cornfield for their bathroom.

   Old latrine                        New compost latrine


For their new Chapina Stove
 Open fire cooking                       New  Chapina Stove

For a scholarship so they can attend school

Thank you for helping us change lives and save lives.