April 2020
Happy Two Year Anniversary
Serenity Grove opened its doors two years ago on April 23, 2018. We have served 22 women to date, and we are delighted to report that the very first resident to walk through our doors is now a Peer Recovery Support Specialist working for us. We remain in touch with the majority of women who have called Serenity Grove home and feel grateful to be part of each one's recovery journey. We cannot adequately express our thanks to  all  who have helped make Serenity Grove a reality, and we look forward to continuing to help women rebuild their lives--one day at a time--in the many years to come.
Continuing our Commitment
It is no secret that navigating the COVID-19 pandemic has been a challenge--but facing challenges and overcoming obstacles is what Serenity Grove board members, staff, and residents do best! Our doors have remained open and applications are at an all-time high as women struggling with substance use disorders seek safety and stability in this uncertain time. At the house, we have painted, organized, and cleaned; we have tried new recipes and baked biscotti; we have continued our Tuesday dinners in virtual form; we have launched 12-step recovery meetings from Serenity Grove and joined in the many online recovery options "out there." We have learned Skype and Zoom and Teams.... With good weather, we have started our garden and tackled the lawn. We are adapting and continuing to serve--and we look forward to connecting with all of you however and whenever we are able. Stay safe!
TWO to help DO
Serenity Grove would not be possible without all of your generous and continued support. In celebration of our two year anniversary, we are asking for your gracious support to help us continue to serve for many more years to come - TWO to help DO! Donate in any variation of TWO... $2, $22, $200, and so on.

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Check Out Our Facebook Page
Keep up-to-date with current happenings at the house through our Facebook page. Look for recovery resources, self-care tips on Wellness Wednesdays, and information about upcoming fundraisers and events.

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Sun-Powered Partnership
We are excited to announce that Third Sun Solar has generously donated a solar system to Serenity Grove! The installation of the solar panels will reduce both utility costs and our carbon footprint. Stay tuned for more exciting news about this project!
Staff Spotlight
Meet our COMCorps Member, April
This past August we welcomed our very first COMCorps member to our Serenity Grove Team. April is a second-year member of COMCorps, an AmeriCorps program, and serves Athens County in various capacities. April took on a brand new role at the house as the Health and Wellness Coordinator and has laid a foundation for our future members. In this role, she has encouraged the women to live healthier lifestyles through nutrition and exercise guidance. In addition, she has re-organized the weekly Tuesday dinners and spearheaded the wellness workshop events in the newly renovated garage space and the renovations of a portion of the house basement into a workout space! Despite the current COVID-19 situation, April has continued her dedication to serve our women, for example, by making the weekly house dinner virtual. We can’t wait to see what else April brings to Serenity Grove.