September 2019

The American Business Women's Day is September 22nd. It is a day set aside to honor and reflect on the contributions and accomplishments of the millions of women in the workforce and the millions of women business owners in the U.S.

We are celebrating and we hope that you will join us! Our owner and founder, Sandra Black, along with her daughters, Shelly Massey and Tammy Jones are featured in September's LakeLife Magazine's Women in Business issue. In the article, we share our journey as women conquering the business world. Preview the article here .

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Habla español? Parle français? Hello?
Our Live Receptionists:
Remote individuals that carry out the responsibilities of a receptionist. They are trained to handle callers and other administrative roles. It is a convenient service that connects with your customers while you focus on running your business.

Our Translation Services:
This service allows your callers to communicate with our receptionists regardless of their preferred language. We offer 200+ languages! At just $2.00/minute, this service is not only versatile, it's also affordable!

Most Frequently Asked Question:
What if my staff cannot speak their language and are unable to call the customer back?

Option A:
Don’t worry, you can also use our translation service to return the call. Easy Peasy!

Option B:
We have a recording to tell the caller to have someone who speaks English to call back on their behalf.
Customer Service 101

It is no secret that Chick-Fil-A has some of the best customer service around.

Important lessons we can learn
from Chick-Fil-A:
1.Start small, seek feedback and perfect your craft.
2.Be innovative and seize opportunity
3. Create an enjoyable customer experience
4. Empower and support your employees
5. Create a culture that engages people
6. Define your values and stick to them
7. Focus on people and community building
8. Have a solid business model
Holiday Hours - Thanksgiving
Are you closed any days during Thanksgiving week? Are you closing the day before or the day after the holiday?

Let us know of any changes in your schedule so we may inform and serve you and your clients effectively.
Industry News

Who lives? Who dies? Who decides?

The ethics surrounding driverless cars and autonomous decision making are hotly debated subjec ts.Whilst there are many safety skeptics, there are those who suggest that driverless cars could be safer than those that require human handling. 

IoT Analytics found that there are approximately 1,018 startups creating Internet of Things (IoT) products or services today. They have defined one of the most thorough methodologies in IoT research to identify the top 10 IoT analytics startups worldwide. To qualify, startups have to be older than 6 years and fit the definition of the Internet of Things.

Traditional remote patient monitoring (RPM) is evolving at a rapid rate due to a number of external factors.

With a finite number of clinicians and caregivers, it’s clear that smart technology will be used to ease the pressure on human resources. Wearables are an obvious method to monitor remote patients and deliver data to the relevant healthcare expert

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